10 Teenagers Who Wouldn’t Let Quarantine Ruin Their Quinceañera – E! Online

10 Teenagers Who Wouldn't Let Quarantine Ruin Their Quinceañera - E! Online

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A birthday turning point is constantly worth commemorating.

After the coronavirus pandemic put an end to big events, numerous unique occasions like wedding events, graduations and trips were considerably altered. But time and time once again, individuals throughout the nation discovered methods to commemorate significant turning points with a great deal of heart and imagination.

It definitely held true for numerous who wished to mark their Quinceañera amidst COVID-19. While a big celebration filled with numerous visitors wasn’t possible, households stepped up to develop extraordinary experiences.

“We’ve had to come up with new ideas and ways to celebrate safely,” star occasion coordinator Michelle Yang shown E! News. “Throughout these past few months, drive-by celebrations have been on the rise. But recently, we’ve been able to expand to in-person events that entail safety precautions. We’ve designed custom face masks, included fun and creative sanitizing stations. Caterers have implemented creative ways to display, present and distribute food in cautious manner. We’ve also been able to offer group COVID testing prior to events, which allow for all guests to feel safe.”

Before National Hispanic Heritage Month pertains to an end, E! News wished to commemorate 10 teenagers who turned their Quinceañeras into a day they will value long after COVID-19 is over.

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