15 Unpeaceful Things Police Were Filmed Doing During The Weekend’s Protests

15 Unpeaceful Things Police Were Filmed Doing During The Weekend's Protests

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Violence versus protesters, pepper spraying reporters, and damaging home.


This Salt Lake City law enforcement officer who pressed a male strolling with a walking stick to the ground.

Salt Lake City polices push down a senior guy with a walking stick for the criminal activity of standing along the street:


These Louisville policeman who robbed and ruined a collection of water and milk the protesters had.

I cannot think what I simply experienced. They brought up onto the square with an authorities siren on and did this. #Louisville


This posse of Detroit policeman acting like hooligans, joining forces against one guy who was leaving.

This video, published last night by a Facebook user in Detroit MI, appears to record some stunning, out-of-control conduct by police.

If they weren’t in uniform we would call this gang type habits.

Please address this, @detroitpolice @ChiefJECraigDPD, @MayorMikeDuggan


This officer from Erie, Pennsylvania, who sprayed and kicked a protester who was resting on the ground.

Protests began in Erie.. a lady here was quietly opposing, after 15 minutes she was maced and kicked.. #PoliceCruelty


This San Jose Police Department officer who clutched his weapon, swayed around excitedly, and can be heard shouting, “Let’s get this, motherfucker!” at around 40 seconds in.


That exact same officer likewise screamed, “Shut up, bitch” at a protester prior to authorities hurried the crowd.


These Minneapolis policeman who pepper sprayed a reporter while he was pushing the ground and had actually recognized himself as press.

The minute Minneapolis authorities and state cannon fodders stormed the Stop-N-Shop and trained their weapons on homeowner and #journalists, pepper spraying @vicenews reporter @MichaelAdams317 while he’s pushing the ground, Press ID above his head.


This officer in Denver who shot a pepper projectile at a protester standing a number of backyards throughout the street.

my older sibling went to a demonstration in Denver last night. as the authorities were leaving, among them shot him with a pepper pellet that smashed the back of his phone and took off in his face. they were ~30 feet from each other and it appears like the officer intended straight at his face

Share commonly: National guard and MPD sweeping our domestic street. Shooting paint containers at us on our own front patio. Yelling “light em up” #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd #JusticeForGeorge #BlackLivesMatter


This officer in New York who took down a protester’s mask and sprayed him in the face, regardless of the protester’s hands being in the air.

This kid had his hands up when an NYPD ofcr pulled his mask down and pepper sprayed him. ⁦@NYPDShea⁩? Mayor ⁦@BilldeBlasio⁩?


These Charleston policeman who eliminate a vocal, tranquil protester.

please watch. please listen carefully. if anybody has any info on this guy / a link to his go money me please let me understand. this is never fine. we will not be silenced.


This officer in New York who pushed a man who was standing there with his arms raised.


This officer in Minneapolis who pepper sprayed a crowd while driving by.

the authorities drove by and arbitrarily pepper sprayed us. this is blatantly unconstitutional.


And lastly, this NYPD officer who pushed a female to the ground, triggering her to strike her head.

Update: Got her approval with a fuck yeah. The police officer pressed her so hard at Barclays & she flung back. She is small. Now she’s in the ER after a major seizure. I’m awaiting updates however need to wait outdoors since of COVID-19. Please keep my demonstration sibling in your ideas.

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