18 WTF Things People Have Done At Work That’ll Make You Scream “FIRE THEM!”


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We lately requested members of the BuzzFeed Group to inform us essentially the most WTF factor they’ve ever seen a coworker do on the job. Listed here are a few of the most stunning responses:


The enamel displayer:

“I ended asking my coworkers how their weekends had been after one had responded with, ‘Not good, my husband’s enamel rotted and we needed to spend all night time on the dentist getting them pulled.’ As if that wasn’t unhealthy sufficient, she proceeded to tug out a capsule container, open it, and say, ‘They’re so gross. Scent them,’ and tried at hand them to me. Nope.”



The lazy laundry-doer:

“I as soon as had a coworker who confirmed as much as our workplace in a marriage costume. Like, an apparent white marriage ceremony costume with a crinoline and beading, the works. When our supervisor requested why she wore a marriage costume to the workplace, my coworker replied, ‘I used to be out of unpolluted garments and didn’t really feel like doing laundry.'”

—Lauren Emily, Fb


The Freeze Pop fanatic:

“It was a uncommon heat winter day, however the A/C within the workplace did not adapt to the hotter temp and everybody was carrying sweaters. Because it’s an HR fake pas to start out taking garments off, my co-worker remembered we had these coloured frozen pops within the freezer (the sort you had on a summer season day as a child). So she proceeded to place a number of down her pants to chill herself off. It labored, however at what price?”



The rogue flosser:

“I noticed a coworker use his fingers to pluck out his beard hair, then bit the hair, and used it to floss his enamel in entrance of plenty of different coworkers!”



The forbidden scissors proprietor:

“At a earlier workplace, solely two folks had scissors: one coworker and our supervisor. Each time a brand new worker requested who had scissors they might borrow, I might inform them, after which advise them to not borrow the supervisor’s pair. They’d in fact ask why, and I might inform them it is as a result of I solely ever noticed him use them for 2 issues: to snip open salad dressing packets, and to trim his nostril hairs at his desk. They’d all the time chortle and be form of squicked out, however by no means actually imagine me till they noticed it for themselves. Which they all the time did finally, as a result of his workplace had glass partitions on two sides.”



The paper clip washer:

“There was a girl who introduced her little container of paper clips into the kitchen and washed them.”



The precise gold-digger:

“Again once I was ready tables, I had a coworker who would choose his nostril. At some point, he walked by a visitor and wiped a booger throughout the visitor’s chair. The visitor grabbed the again of the chair to take a seat down. It was like watching a horror story in gradual movement.”



The workplace provide thief:

“I used to have a coworker who would steal the pens and Publish-It notes off of my desk and put them on her desk. Then she would proceed to switch the unhealthy pens that hardly write over to my desk. I finally acquired so fed up that I went and took my pens again and would put the good pens and Publish-It notes at the back of one among my drawers the place she wouldn’t look. I received the pen battle.”



The earwax eater:

“An previous coworker as soon as picked his ear wax and ate it. Me and my boss noticed it unfold and checked out one another in horror.”



The, uh, nature lover:

“A coworker of mine, amongst different issues, introduced in a reside tree to our already tiny workplace (closet-sized) to work. She had lower it down from the facet of the highway. Additionally, she introduced in a fish to work every single day, and named it Swimmy Timmy. RIP Swimmy Timmy, you didn’t need to reside in a water bottle.”



The Troll doll fanatic:

“The girl within the cubicle subsequent to mine collects Troll dolls. Each colour hair. A whole lot. Each the place. They even peer overtop into mine. There may be barely any area on her desk for actual work and even a pc. I feel she does what she loves, and I respect that.”



The self-groomer:

“I as soon as had a coworker who would clip, file and paint her toenails at her desk even when there have been shoppers ready to be seen. She additionally had a seamstress are available throughout enterprise hours and measure her for a costume. In her workplace. That we might see into. Whereas folks had been ready within the foyer to be helped. When she was finally fired for doing private issues on firm time, she filed a proper grievance with company as a result of she did not assume she was doing something incorrect.”



The tape waxer:

“Shortly after school, I did temp work on the entrance desk of a reasonably prestigious firm, and was paired with one other temp receptionist who was eager on eradicating her mustache utilizing tape, proper on the entrance desk, all day, every single day, for about 10 days — till she did it in entrance of the incorrect consumer and was fired.”



The five-minute farter:

“My previous boss did not know I used to be under him, as his ‘workplace’ was on a raised platform. I used to be quietly sorting by stock when he all of a sudden kicked again his chair, bent over, and farted for like 5 minutes.”

—Pleasure Michelle, Fb


The facet hustler:

“I had a coworker who ran an eBay store on the facet. She would package deal her orders at work, together with utilizing our employer’s delivery service and mail room to ship her orders. She noticed completely nothing incorrect with this when confronted about it. Even when she was fired, she didn’t perceive what she did incorrect.”



The toenail clipper:

“I used to be one among a pair guys in a predominantly feminine workplace. Throughout workers conferences, we’d all crowd into the lunchroom to fulfill. One man, who sat in the midst of the room, determined conferences like this had been the right time to TRIM HIS TOENAILS!! The gals who might see this had been appalled, however I used to be fantastic with it…he simply made the remaining few dudes look that a lot better!”



The skilled napper:

“As soon as, I went into my supervisor’s workplace like 5 minutes earlier than we opened to ask him a query, he was laying on the ground with a pillow and blanket with the lights turned off. He simply stated, ‘I am not right here but.’ I work at a public library, btw.”

—Mary Ellis, Fb


And the very unsanitary serviette changer:

“At a name middle — with shared cubicles so far as the attention might see — I had a coworker who modified her pad below her desk.”


Now get again to work and take a look at to not die inside!

Some responses have been evenly edited for size or readability.

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