19 Insane Black Friday Horror Stories That Will Make You Glad You Stayed Home


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The face-macing:

“I witnessed two little previous women mace every different over $2 towels.”



This child who was having none of it:

“I keep in mind as soon as at like 1 a.m., I noticed this child (in all probability 6 or 7) pull his pants down and poop on the ground at Kohl’s as a result of his mom would not depart the road.”



The damaging deal:

“My sister obtained punched within the face over a $2.50 meals chopper.”



The shit present:

I noticed a woman squat and take a shit outdoors of a Walmart in Dallas. Evidently her place in line was extra worthwhile than her dignity. I have not carried out a Black Friday since.”



The sharp offense:

“No kidding, I noticed a brilliant good grandma-looking girl get away a switchblade over a Hatchimal.”



This previous girl who’s nonetheless obtained it:

“Whereas taking a break within the meals court docket, I as soon as noticed an adolescent dash out of a Recreation Cease carrying the most recent Xbox. Proper as he obtained to the exit of the mall, slightly previous girl in her nineties tripped the man and he fell flat on his face. The entire meals court docket erupted in applause.”



This prompt karma:

“After I was 14, this dude shoved me and the lady subsequent to me with the intention to get to a online game. The lady he shoved turned out to be a cop and he was instantly arrested for disorderly conduct.”



The scooter scuffle:

“I noticed an aged girl ram her electrical scooter right into a pal of mine to get to a TV. He had 4 damaged ribs, a sprained knee, and a bruised ego. We thought it was hilarious.”



The scheming household:

“I as soon as noticed a workforce of youngsters steal issues from folks’s carts. When folks weren’t wanting they might seize any electronics they may discover within the cart and run it again to their mother.”



The tactless toss:

“I as soon as noticed a father actually toss his baby into the air and onto a cardboard show so he may higher attain the electronics.”



The aggressive hair whip:

“I as soon as noticed a girl attempt to minimize the checkout line, and one other girl grabbed her by the hair and whipped her right into a show stand. Ouch!”



The pillow-pregnancy:

“I noticed some girl shortly stuff a pillow up her shirt and faux that she was going into labor. Apparently, whereas she pretended, she despatched any person to go and fetch the recent ticket objects. It obtained actual awkward as soon as the paramedics arrived.”



The purse snatcher:

“Three years in the past I used to be ready in line at Kohl’s. I lastly clumped in with the remainder of the group and noticed this girl seize the purse of somebody who was in entrance of her and toss it again towards the top of the road simply so she may get nearer to the entrance door.”



This literal hit and run:

“I used to be parking my automotive when instantly a person in all black bounced off the hood of my automotive. With out stopping, he simply gave me the finger and stored working in direction of the mall. I. Was. Shook.”



The meeting line:

“One yr, a gaggle of individuals created a relay line and had been throwing crockpots, blenders, toasters, no matter over everybody else’s head to 1 one other. I nearly obtained a concussion from the flying toaster.”



This complicated cosplay brawl:

“I as soon as noticed two dudes dressed as Mario and Luigi preventing over an Xbox.”



This girl who has a low bar for what constitutes an emergency:

“There was this girl who truly CALLED THE COPS on a husband who joined his spouse in line. She then began screaming ‘LINE JUMPER!’ as loud as she may. It was uncontrolled.”



The “useful” mom:

“My very own mom would wander round shops and knock merchandise out of individuals’s arms if she noticed them being impolite to workers. She thought she was being useful.”



And at last, the household that simply stated “nope” to the entire Black Friday factor:

My household as soon as noticed a girl stab somebody with an icepick in a parking zone. Evidently we determined to only go residence after that.”


Be aware: these submissions have been edited for size and/or readability

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