1923’s Brian Geraghty Details the Show’s Intense Cowboy Camp

1923's Brian Geraghty Details the Show's Intense Cowboy Camp

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Taylor Sheridan does not pull any punches.

The developer of 1923, the Yellowstone prequel series starring Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, presents audiences to a whole brand-new generation of the Dutton household– and Sheridan wished to ensure everyone looked the part.

Brian Geraghty, who plays Dutton Ranch supervisor Zane Davis on 1923, specifically informed E! News that the cast was put through the wringer.

“We were all tortured in a two-week cowboy camp,” Geraghty exposed. “So we got to have highs and lows together before we started, which actually was really good for bonding. We would all be terrible, and then the next day progress. We all got to be vulnerable. As adults, it’s not easy to learn a new skill.”

Geraghty stated that dealing with Sheridan, who likewise produced Yellowstone, is no laughing matter. “He’s a cowboy,” Geraghty stated. “You gotta not only ride a horse, but look like you know what you’re doing.”