20/20 Preview: Mallory Beach’s Parents Open Up About Her Death

20/20 Preview: Mallory Beach's Parents Open Up About Her Death

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Mallory Beach‘s moms and dads are all set to go over the night of her death.

As the story establishes on the Murdaugh household murders and the supposed monetary criminal activities of Alex Murdaugh, 20/20 spoke with the moms and dads of Mallory, who was associated with a boating mishap with Alex’s child Paul Murdaugh in 2019, that left the 19- year-old lady dead. In an E! News unique clip, Renee and Phillip Beach open about their experiences that night and the loss of their child.

“I got a call from my mom to ask if Mallory was home with me and I told her no,” Renee remembers in the clip. “And she just said there had been a boat accident.”

As the clip continues, Phillip shares, “I got a phone call from Mallory’s mom saying there had been an accident and she was frantic. I hung up the phone and said, ‘No God, not my child.'”

Renee continued mentioning that, as a child, Mallory was “very head strong,” “was always a people person” and “was the child that had to be near you all the time.”

“She followed me everywhere I went,” Phillip included. “She wanted to do what I did. She could be a lady when she needed to be a lady and she could be a tom boy, so to speak. She loved hunting and fishing.”

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