2020 People’s Choice Awards: Submit Your Fan Favorite Nominations Now

2020 People's Choice Awards: Submit Your Fan Favorite Nominations Now

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The countdown is on to the 2021 People’s Choice Awards!

In order to kick things off, the PCAs is requiring fan elections. What motion pictures have you consumed over this previous year? Which television programs had you planted on the sofa for an hours-long binge session? Who are the celebs you simply can’t get enough of? Which albums have you been using a loop because the day they were launched?

Submit your leading choices in television, motion pictures, music and popular culture throughout the fan preferred election stage beginning today, Tuesday,Oct 12 through Thursday,Oct 14.

This suggests you’ll get to choose your favorites prior to main ballot even starts! Each day throughout this unique stage, you’ll have the ability to send as much as 25 elections per classification, per platform– AKA the main PCAs voting website, Twitter or Facebook.

Participating is the best method to increase the probability that your popular culture chooses make it, landing an area on the PCAs tally when main ballot for the 40 award classifications starts onOct 27.

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