22yo Man Inserted a Pair of Tweezers Into His Penis & It Has Been in There For 4 YEARS


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How does this even occur?

A 22-year-old man needed to go for an operation as a result of he had a tweezer caught up his penis for FOUR YEARS.

In response to Metro, the man from Saudi Arabia had inserted the object into his urethra four years ago and claimed that he had not felt any discomfort or pain since then.

An X-ray showed that the closed end of the tweezers had become embedded in the bulbous urethra at the top.

Source: Metro

Source: Metro

The man then had to undergo general anaesthetic while the doctors squeezed the object out.

Pressure had to be applied on either side of the man’s penis to keep the 2.7-inch tweezers closed while squeezing them out from the base of the shaft. If the doctors had squeezed the tweezers out while they were still open, the sharp ends would have damaged the urethra.

“At the end of the procedure, no urethral catheter was inserted, the patient voided well and went home post-procedure,” the doctor said.

“The patient was recommended to undergo a psychiatric evaluation, but he refused. The patient did not follow up with the outpatient department.”

Source: Metro

Source: Metro

It wasn’t revealed why the man inserted the tweezers into his penis in the first place, but apparently some men enjoy putting things into their penis for sexual pleasure.

Doctors say that some men do it when they are drunk or if they have psychiatric issues. These men don’t usually go to doctors because they’re too embarrassed unless they start encountering problems.

In this case, the man did not suffer any problems with urinating and was found to be in good physical health.

The procedure was reported in Urology Case Reports, who said the man visited a clinic in Saudi Arabia where he revealed his history of inserting metal items into his urethra.

How could he have an object like a pair of tweezers get stuck up his urethra and still not feel any pain? And for four years at that? 


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