22yo Woman Dies When Doctor Yanks Out Her Uterus Instead of Placenta After Giving Birth


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OMG that is completely horrible!

A 22-year-old lady died after her uterus was by chance yanked out by the physician proper after she had given delivery to her daughter. The physician now faces as much as three years in jail for her loss of life.

Alisa Tepikina, from Russia, screamed out in excruciating ache when the feminine physician tried to take away her placenta, however had as an alternative pulled out her inverted uterus.

Supply: Daily Mail

According to Daily Mail, Alisa’s uterus was pulled out completely, causing her to go into a coma and ‘die of shock’ from a cardiac arrest.

A six-month probe has led to charges of causing death by negligence against the 27-year-old doctor, who could face jail or compulsory labour if convicted.

In defence of the accused, the hospital’s head doctor claimed that there were no ‘violent actions’ by the doctor, but it was rejected by medical experts after an exhaustive analysis.

The head doctor claimed that the incident was caused by a ‘spontaneous inversion of the uterus’ – a rare medical event where the uterus turns inside out, usually following childbirth. Symptoms include postpartum bleeding, abdominal pain, a mass in the vagina, and low blood pressure

Alisa’s mother holding her newborn granddaughter | Source: Daily Mail

In Alisa’s case, the placenta should have been detached manually by the doctor under anaesthetic, but “non-controlled or improper pulling of the umbilical cord led to full inversion of the uterus,” said medical experts.

“The female organs that were pulled out were pushed back when it was too late.”

“The uterus was re-positioned only four hours 15 minutes later when the massive bleeding and the irreversible shock had already developed, along with heart failure.”

The doctor’s mistakes “worsened the situation and caused the massive loss of blood, irreversible [and] complicated shock, heart failure and death of the patient.”

The baby is now being raised by her grandmother and grandfather.


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