26 Movie Mistakes That Are So Bad, They’ll Actually Make You Angry


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We requested the BuzzFeed Group to inform us the worst film errors they’ve ever observed. Listed here are the infuriating outcomes.


In Legally Blonde, the girl in entrance of Elle pretends to drink from the fountain, however there is not even water popping out of it. She’s actually simply inhaling air, whereas the pool boy clearly drinks the water.


In Grease, Vi tries to show off the sunshine together with her elbow, however she utterly misses. A second later, the lights one way or the other flip off anyway.


In Miss Congeniality, Cheryl beats Gracie with the rose bouquet, and the petals fall off. Just a few seconds later, the purple petals magically reappear.


In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and techniques, you may visibly see a cameraman within the shot throughout Harry and Draco’s dueling scene.



In Hitch, Will Smith’s character has an allergic response, and just one aspect of his face swells up. Afterward within the evening, the swelling switches to the alternative aspect.



Within the first Pirates of the Caribbean, a person carrying a cowboy hat might be seen within the background of the ultimate scene.


In Soul Surfer, they wrapped inexperienced tape round AnnaSophia Robb’s arm to digitally take away it from the film, however within the trailer you may see the place they forgot to edit it out.



In Spider-Man, Tobey Maguire’s character saves Mary Jane, however as they swing away you may clearly inform that he was subbed in with a model. Additionally, Mary Jane’s hair blows incorrectly in comparison with the best way they’re swinging.


In Imply Women, Cady unintentionally scares Janis and Damian, inflicting the popcorn to spill all over the place. Within the subsequent shot, the popcorn bowl is magically refilled.


In Soiled Dancing, Johnny is meant to be driving, however if you happen to look intently on the gear shift you may see that the automotive is definitely in park.

—Trish Skidmore, Facebook

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—Trish Skidmore, Fb


In Willy Wonka, Grandpa Joe is bedridden for 20 years, but he one way or the other manages to depart and purchase Charlie a chocolate bar for his birthday with out anybody noticing.



In Avatar, the Na’vi are presupposed to be 10 toes tall, however on the finish of the film Jake’s hand suits completely when cupping Neytiri’s face, which ought to be disproportionately a lot bigger.



In It is a Fantastic Life, Clarence reveals that George’s brother died on the age of 9, however the dates on his headstone say that he was solely eight.


In Willy Wonka, the sweet man unintentionally hits a little bit lady within the face when he lifts the counter.

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—Jenny Mantini, Fb


In The Fifth Ingredient, proper earlier than Leeloo escapes, you may clearly see the define of the glass the place she’s about to punch by.


In Tornado, particles crashes by the windshield of the automotive, however within the subsequent minimize the windshield is magically mounted.


In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy is about to depart with The Wizard, however Toto runs off. She chases him and asks for The Wizard to remain, however you may see the Tin Man untie his balloon after which act shocked when it begins to fly away.


In Frozen, Elsa’s hair passes straight by her shoulder as she sings “Let It Go.”


In She’s All That, Taylor will get a coronary heart tattoo on her left shoulder, however in a while her tattoo mysteriously disappeared at promenade.

—Katherine Ellis, Facebook

Movie Colony

—Katherine Ellis, Fb


In By no means Been Kissed, Josie and her associates make an enormous poster with the quantity pi on it, however they recite pi incorrectly. It is really three.14159.



In Legally Blonde, Elle will get into the elevator, however Vivian chases after her to cease it. Nevertheless, due to Vivian’s reflection, you may see that she was ready there the entire time for her cue.


—Marvin J. Norfleet, Fb


In Braveheart, you may see a white van within the background of one of many battle scenes, which is meant to happen within the late 13th century.


In Pitch Good, Aubrey lets her hair down throughout the remaining efficiency, however all through the track it noticeably adjustments from as much as down a number of instances.


In Return of the King, Frodo will get caught in Shelob’s webs. Sam finds him and presumes he is useless, however all through the scene Frodo’s eyes go from open, to closed, and again to open once more.



In Ocean’s Eleven, Brad Pitt’s shrimp cocktail container adjustments from a glass to a plate, after which again to a glass once more.



And, in fact, in American Sniper, they substituted an actual child for a literal doll. You’ll be able to even see Bradley Cooper transfer the doll’s hand together with his finger, to make it seem extra actual.

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