31 Painful And Ridiculous Ways People Have Broken Their Body Parts


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We requested members of the BuzzFeed Neighborhood to inform us probably the most ridiculous approach they’ve damaged a bone. Listed below are a few of their ridiculous and cringeworthy tales:


The enthusiastic stomper.


The bread incident.

“I used to be taking a moderately massive and rectangular loaf of bread from the freezer when the bag tore. Fell straight onto my foot, broke two metatarsal bones and a few these fiddly little toe bones.” — orlofthesky


The “raw sausages”.

“I slipped on a moist toilet flooring and landed with my again in opposition to the bathroom bowl. There was a sound like raw sausages snapping. I went into shock and one way or the other ended up on the cinema an hour later watching Jupiter Ascending with a big assortment of damaged ribs.” — kateclairep


The pee slide.


“Leeds Competition 2008 fully sober. I used to be too lazy to go to the campsite portaloos so determined to discover a place to crouch all the way down to have a wee. Slipped in different folks’s piss, fell down a hill and broke my leg in three locations. Missed the final day of the pageant and it took me two months to be again on my ft!!!” — jessw4e5ed5bfa


The enormous sneeze.

“I sneezed and cracked a rib.” — helenlouisek


The finger jam.

“My mum slammed my thumb within the boot of our automotive, worst of all it was jammed there for a minute or so till she may get the keys out to unlock it.” — jessicapecar22


The “Human Bowling” recreation.

“Snapped my collarbone enjoying Human Bowling after I was 11, which I’m nonetheless proud to say I invented. This concerned getting Four-5 folks to kneel on a hill (the pins), then the ball must curl up and throw themselves down the hill and hit the pins. I used to be the ball.” — Hollie Craig, Fb


The Mexico meltdown.


“Bought extraordinarily drunk in Mexico. Determined to attempt a small zip line throughout the seashore. Girl informed me to WALK DOWN THE STAIRS and glide. I jumped off a 2-3ft ledge and hit my foot on a rock. Truthfully cannot keep in mind a factor from when it occurred. However three damaged metatarsals that I used to be in denial about till I obtained again dwelling 4 days later. Everybody knew me at that resort for the remainder of my journey.” — nikkiperezdet


The lazy lightbulb changer.

“Altering a lightbulb. I used to be too lazy to convey the stepladder upstairs with me so I made a decision to face on a pile of books. The books clearly didn’t maintain, I fell and hit my arm on a chest of drawers. I broke each the bones in my decrease arm and fractured my wrist. It required 2 operations, metallic plates, screws and wires.” — Catherine Louise Hammond, Fb


The bag break.

“I STEPPED on a plastic bag to cease it flying away within the wind and in return I acquired a fractured foot.” — amyacrisp


The lamb lunge.

“I grew up elevating livestock, so the primary time I ever broke a bone was by getting kicked within the face by a lamb in highschool. It wasn’t even my lamb.” — christinalynns2


The trampoline story.


“Trampolining. However not a ‘fall off a trampoline’ break, or a ‘crash into somebody’ break or a ‘land on the onerous metallic on the edge’ break. No, I landed a again somersault lifeless on my ft within the centre of the trampoline and my leg determined to snap into 6 items with the bone protruding of my leg for no cause…” — bubblemuffin246


The pocket process.

“After I was in seventh grade, I went to get a drink of water. I put my hand in my pocket, and after I leaned ahead, my finger bent backwards and broke on the expansion plate. Bought to put on a full arm forged for six weeks.” — catheriner19


The smashed display screen door.

“After I was an adolescent, I had a battle with my mother and determined to storm out of the home barefoot. The entrance door was open, so I kicked the display screen door as onerous as I may in a match of rage, solely to seek out that it was locked, and broke my foot.” — dslewis86


The frozen orange juice.

“A can of frozen orange juice fell on my huge toe proper beneath the nail. Broke the highest phalange, fractured the center one, and I had a haematoma beneath the nail.” — tessah5


The bent pinky.


“After I was 11, I used to be ready for one thing on my household pc to load and determined I wished to play with my mother’s yoga ball whereas I waited. As a substitute of being good and standing as much as go get it I assumed I may lean over in my chair and roll it towards me. Dangerous thought. The chair and I each toppled over with the again of the chair one way or the other catching my left pinky finger on its strategy to the tile flooring. For sure, my finger broke and whereas my mother took care of me – she was dwelling alone with all 5 of us children and didn’t wish to take all of us to the DR so I by no means obtained it set. It makes an amazing dialog starter although.” — xanniej


The toaster shock.

“Watching the toaster. It popped, I used to be scared, I fell on my bum. Coccyx. That is my silly story.” — Fran Crossley, Fb


The slippery leaf.

“I slipped on a leaf. Sure, a leaf. It was the center of fall and the leaves had been form of moist. I went to stroll throughout my college campus, when all the sudden, I fell. I broke my kneecap clear in half. I keep in mind being carried to the college nurse as a result of there have been bone shards simply form of floating round in there. The nurse gave me a bandaid and made me sit in her workplace for a stable 4 hours. I nonetheless have recurring knee points to this present day as a result of I by no means had something carried out about it. Lesson discovered!” — poefanclub


The shoe betrayal.

“I broke my elbow by falling over my very own shoe laces. What was worse, was that it was in entrance of my ex-boyfriend together with his new girlfriend. They each simply laughed at me!” — lauras4cf778f0e


The Jerk.


“I used to be hanging out with my youthful cousin at a yogurt store. The store had a bit of mini stage in it, so I️ hopped up onstage when “The Jerk” got here on and began dancing. I heard a snap and the factor I️ know my knee is on the again of my leg. Seems I️ dislocated my knee doing the jerk. Tremendous embarrassing and I️ needed to put on a brace for six months. My household nonetheless received’t let me dwell down my dancing fiasco.” — juliannaj2


The unlucky door slam.

“I had been having an argument within the automotive with my husband, he parked the automotive and I obtained out and slammed the door in a huff. I had left my hand within the door body and broke a finger clear throughout.” — amyk4da5d6cf1


The banister dare.

“After I was 7 I used to be climbing on the banister on the prime of our home, as a result of my brother dared me to. I fell, fairly predictably, and fell three flooring down onto a concrete flooring. I broke my shoulder, arm, hip, leg, knee and ankle all down one aspect. I used to be in traction for 9 months. I had solely been out of hospital eight weeks after I fell out of a tree and broke my knee on the opposite aspect. To say that my Dad was unimpressed was an understatement!!” — m42949fcb1


The zebra vault.

“I used to be at an occasion and one of many exhibitors, who had a zebra for a emblem, had introduced a life measurement zebra mannequin as a part of their exhibition. I made a decision to vault onto the zebra, fell straight off, knocked myself out and broke my wrist into 1,000,000 items.” — hannahw415aef330


The large helium tank.


“After I was 14, my in a single day camp held a carnival. Once we completed with the big helium tank, we stashed it behind the eating corridor door. Quick ahead a pair days, we’re dismissed from dinner, we’re all operating out, and somebody managed to hit the tank with sufficient power that it fell…straight onto my foot. To make issues worse, it truly bounced barely, hitting my foot a second time earlier than rolling off. The highest of my foot was damaged, and healed effectively, however my two finish toes had been shattered. The fourth toe is completely bent, and my pinky toe seems like a purple balloon. The opposite toes sustained harm, and that’s why most of my nails are deformed. No extra pedicures for me.” — chanl


The dangerous denims.

“Placing on a pair of denims. Fractured my ankle in 2 locations. Yep.” — Ian Biddle, Fb


The spiked fence.

“I used to be exhibiting off to a boy I actually fancied by climbing the previous spiked fence in Greenwich Park. He requested if I wanted assist, after all me being me mentioned no. I promptly slipped and fell on a spike, breaking my ribs.” — ClairetheBear


The Nintendo wire.

“I broke my proper arm after I tripped over a Nintendo 64 controller wire. I used to be eight years previous. The day I obtained my forged off, I used to be leaping from sofa to sofa and rebroke my arm.” — Mandyjo94


The cat chase.


“Made a cheese and tomato omelette, determined I used to be thirsty so grabbed some juice and on my approach again to the desk my cat was watching me, a glance that mentioned, ‘chase me’. So I put the juice down, proceed to run between the 2 sofas after him and as a substitute smash my foot into the aspect of the couch. Clear break on my pinky toe due to it!” — laurao4b8aa619d


The pocket change punch.

“I used to be on a carnival journey which simply principally spun you round in a 360 diploma loop, I had free change in my pocket, with the primary 360 ‘loop’ all my free change flew out my pocket, smacked me proper within the face, fractured my nostril and chipped my entrance enamel, it was carnage.” — brendanq


The darkened dock.

“I went on trip with my boyfriend’s household and the primary day we had been there, I used to be on a dock and it was getting darkish so I began heading again to the home. The dock lights had been on and I overlooked the dock, and my proper foot went off the dock. I twisted to attempt to save myself and broke my left leg in 5 locations. I ended up in a canal and we needed to discover a ladder to climb out. After I obtained again into the dock my leg was loosely swinging backwards and forwards like there was no bones beneath the knee!” — hannahwilliscanuk


And the field.

“I kicked an empty cardboard field and broke 2 bones in my foot.” — kathleencg

Notice: Submissions have been edited for size and/or readability.

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