31 Slightly Odd Thoughts I Have That You Probably Have Too


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1. Does the queen shit, and in that case does somebody wipe her arse or does she do it herself?

2. And what rest room paper does she use?

three. When celebrities go to award ceremonies, do they simply get nervous talking to one another? Do they attempt to make associates?

four. How many individuals do you get to take with you to an award ceremony anyway?

5. If somebody assaults me will I immediately be an professional in karate and have the ability to battle them?

6. Or if I have been being chased and compelled to climb a metal fence, will I have the ability to?

7. Once I look within the mirror is that the true me? Is that what individuals see once they see me?

eight. And after I hear a recording of myself, is that really what I sound like as a result of that does not sound like me?

9. If I locked myself within the lavatory accidentally how lengthy wouldn’t it take for somebody to grasp I am lacking?

10. If ghosts do exist does this imply my granddad can simply pop in at any time and watch me? What if I am consuming crisps bare on the couch?

11. Does anybody else have intercourse desires about me, as a result of I’ve had intercourse desires about bizarre individuals so certainly somebody is having a intercourse dream about me?

12. And is there somebody proper now observing my Instagram questioning about my life?

13. Once I decide up a bug, is the burden of my hand crushing their total physique? Have I already virtually killed them?

14. Do bees know that generally we confuse them with wasps and do they get unhappy as a result of they don’t seem to be truly evil they’re simply pretty fluffy bees?

15. When celebrities go for a bikini wax, does the particular person doing it must signal a NDA to allow them to’t go to OK! journal and do a tell- all about their pubes?

16. What would I appear to be as a person? Wouldn’t it mainly be me however with a beard?

17. Once you go for a poo, can individuals odor it on you afterwards?

18. Once you’re observing somebody and also you assume they cannot see you, does that imply different individuals are observing you however you may’t see them?

19. What’s my future husband doing proper now?

20. Once I ACCIDENTALLY kill a spider or flush it down the toilet, will his spider household come again sooner or later and take revenge on me?

21. Is the federal government going by means of all of my on-line actions proper now and considering “wow this woman googles celeb bra sizes lots“?

22. What do canine hear after I say “oh my goshy gosh you might be such a superb little boy ooooh weee squishy wishy gaga eeeeee love you a lot”?

23. If there’s a 1 in one million probability of one thing unhealthy occurring this very second, might this be that 1 in one million second?

24. As a result of it has to occur to somebody and what if that somebody is me?

25. What if I meet a man and we truly knew one another after we have been infants?

26. Like if I meet a man in L.A and it is truly the boy who lived subsequent door to my auntie after I lived along with her after I was three?

27. Is there somebody who seems to be similar to me someplace on the market on the planet?

28. What about on one other planet? Is there one other planet with like, alien variations of every of us?

29. Once I die, is my mind gonna similar to swap off? How will I simply immediately have the ability to cease considering?

30. If I fell off a constructing, might I maintain onto a window ledge and wait for somebody to tug me up or would I simply slip to my demise instantly as a result of my higher arm energy is REALLY unhealthy?

31. What if my present world is like The Truman Present or The Matrix and a bunch of individuals are watching me performing out my Oscar acceptance speech within the mirror?

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