32yo Woman Gets Botox Treatment, Falls into Coma for 5 Days Before Passing Away


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That is so heartbreaking.

In accordance with Mothership, a 32-year-old Singaporean woman fell into a coma and died after receiving her Botox treatment. The incident happened on March 8 at a clinic in Marina Bay, Singapore.


Source: Zaobao

The deceased, Lau Li Ting, worked as a property agent and was the eldest out of her three siblings. She was known to be a very independent person and would often be the bubbliest one among her family members.

On March 8, Lau went for a Botox treatment at a licensed beauty clinic in Marina Bay, Singapore. However, after her injection was administrated, she started shivering and later became unconscious in the clinic. She was then rushed to the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) and fell into a coma state for the next five days.

According to Lau’s mother, her husband was informed about the incident by the doctor at around 3pm on the same day. Not long after that, SGH also called to inform the parents that Lau was in a critical state and that they were doing their best to save her.

Unfortunately, on March 13, Lau unexpectedly passed away due to heart failure despite being put on life support. It is currently still unclear on how the injection led to her death as the chemicals used has not been identified yet. It was also reported that this was not the first time Lau went through a Botox treatment.


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Upon hearing the tragic news about her death, Lau’s family was heartbroken. Lau’s mother said that they will not jump to any conclusions about the matter as they are still waiting for more information regarding the case. She also reminded everyone that they should prioritise their own health and safety, and to never compromise it for beauty.

“Women are naturally vain, but safety is still above all. I hope there won’t be such another tragedy again,” she said.


Source: Facebook


Source: Facebook

We wish our deepest condolences to the deceased’s family. We hope that they will remain strong during this period of grieving and that this incident would not happen to anyone else. 


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