41 Hacks, Products And Tips To Keep You Looking Beautiful


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Suzy Gerstein, Honey Artists: “There are only a few absolute dos and don’ts relating to making use of make-up. There are a few normal guidelines of thumb which can be useful to recollect to make your make-up last more. For example, layering your powders over cream merchandise makes the color extra secure in order that it would not slide round in your face with oil and sweat. However aside from that I’ve seen shoppers and colleagues begin with eyes, begin with pores and skin, begin with lips, and I’ve seen the top outcome look nice in all of these circumstances.”

Lisa Potter-Dixon, head make-up artist, Profit Cosmetics UK:
“All the time prep your pores and skin with moisturiser, prime with a primer, and excellent with basis and concealer, in that order. For every part else, apply it within the order that you simply choose.”

Samantha and Nicola Chapman, Pixiwoo:
“It’s make-up, it’s artwork, and there are not any guidelines.”

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