5 Things I Learned From The Last Jedi Trailer

5 Things I Learned From The Last Jedi Trailer

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The newest Star Wars trailer dropped Monday night, once again reminding me that there is no path I will not wander in order to write about Star Wars and pass it off as work. As with The Force, you just have to trust this leads you where you need to be.

So, after learning that professional football games last forever, and that I terrify my dog when I yell, “Wait for another commercial before it shows?!” I finally got to take in the wonder of the latest trailer for The Last Jedi.

Here are five things that I learned from it that can be applied to work. (If you don’t see how they apply, you aren’t focusing enough and probably aren’t ready for Jedi training, my young Padawan.)

Some projects never die and continue to terrify

We’ve all been involved in projects that got too big, too fast, and that we thought were shelved, only to have them reappear, more powerful than ever. When Luke said, “I’ve seen this raw strength only once before. It didn’t scare me enough then. It does now,” I thought of sitting in meetings, or now on conference calls, where everyone is silent because they don’t want to be the one to spark the rage of the product manager.

There are two types of people: An animal person and not an animal person

Two new creatures will be debuted during The Last Jedi. Porgs, the avian creatures who inhabit Luke’s island, and the mysterious Arctic fox creature. If you’ve been to enough work-related events or parties, you are probably able to pick out the “animal person” versus the people not obsessed with animals. (Easy tell: If someone is talking to you, rather than crouched in a corner, whispering to a cat, dog, turtle, etc, the person only communicating with creatures is the animal person.)

Despite wanting to know what every single bit of the movie holds and means, after seeing the brief clip of the majestic looking fox scurrying for cover, the question looming largest for me is will that creature get hurt? Who will adopt it? Who is taking care of it? Where can I get one?

New auto-reply

“This is not going to go the way you think,” Luke warns. We don’t know exactly who he’s saying that to, or what mission he is referring to, so it’s best to assume the worst, and that he’s talking about everything.

Luke has always been somewhat of a nay-sayer, even described as whiny. (“But I was going into Tosche Station to pick up some power converters!”) However Luke has evolved in this latest trailer. He’s gone from the communications intern to the CMO, and he is warning his peers that they are not on the right path. It’s safe to assume, for instance, that Pepsi didn’t have a Luke-like advisor prior to their Kendall Jenner fiasco.

I personally am considering adding “this is not going to go the way you think” as an auto-response to everyone who emails me that they probably just need a couple of words fixed in their copy.

We are all Rey

“I need someone to show me my place in all this.” Easily applied to every content, marketing, strategic planning, etc., meeting.

If only we could borrow her lightsaber to slay our common enemy of meetings that could have been emails.

RIP AOL IM (too soon?)

“Let the past die,” suggests Kylo Ren, “Kill it, if you have to.” We all know how much laggards resist letting go of their favorite software and apps, despite them not working. Usually only when forced do these folks upgrade or say goodbye to elements in their comfort level.

We will have to wait to see the movie before we can know exactly what Kylo Ren is talking about (spoiler alert: It isn’t laggards). Will he kill both of his parents? WIll he join with Rey and defeat the Dark Side? Will Rey join him and together they will rule the Dark Side? Will Luke’s line that he only knows one truth, that it’s time for the Jedi to end really mean the end?

There’s only one way to find out: Prepare your best sick voice/email about the nasty flu that you’ve caught for December 15th, and secure your tickets to see The Last Jedi now.

May The Force be with you.

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