5 things I decline to invest my cash and time on

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My journey to ending up being the very first self-made millionaire in my household– through passive earnings from realty investing and my individual financing service– originated from a desire to invest more time with household.

Building passive earnings streams has actually permitted me to work less and be more present with my better half and our 2 kids. Being prudent and protecting our cost savings has actually assisted, too.

But living frugally isn’t practically investing less or purchasing low-cost things; it has to do with being more deliberate and not inefficient. Here are 5 things I decline to invest my cash and time on:

1. I never ever purchase brand name brand-new vehicles.

2. I never buy fast fashion items.

3. I never buy more food than I need.

4. I never buy low-quality investment items.

5. I never spend time mowing my own lawn.