61yo Man Who Raped 12yo Girl Sends Love Letter Saying He Missed Her


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Okay, that is simply straight out creepy! 

Lobak Merah reported that a 61-year-old grandpa in Indonesia tried to send a “love letter” to a 12-year-old girl in attempts to woo her. But, his “mission” was thwarted when the police managed to arrest him in Bintara Jaya, Indonesia.

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In the letter, the grandpa referred to the girl as “Gadis manisku” (which translates to my sweet girl). Ok, he’s a creep! A snippet of the letter which is disturbingly poetic read,

“To my sweet girl who’s still angry,
(To the girl) who has captured and wooed my heart,
(To the girl) who has made me helpless,
When I’m writing this letter,
I am missing you…”

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What’s creepier is that this grandpa not only wants to woo the little girl but he has intentions to sexually groom the child to satisfy his lust. The police revealed the victim was raped in March 2019 by the grandpa but she kept quiet. However, in August 2019, the grandpa came back and molested the poor child.

Apparently, the old man – who pens his name down as “Alfa Romeo” in the letters – had sent several “love letters” to the child. The report further revealed that the man isn’t alone as he actually has a wife, who’s the same age as he is. They live in a rented house near the Bintara Jaya area.

Source: Tribun

Thankfully, the grandpa’s malicious plot came into light when the victim’s father found the “love letters”. The father said that the letters looked like it was written by someone who was in love.

After the victim told everything that has happened to her to the parents, a police report was made on 19 August 2019. Good thing! 


Source: Facebook

Nevertheless, the old man wasn’t immediately arrested as an investigation took place prior to his arrest. The police’s investigation revealed that the suspect had made a similar move towards other kids too.

After that, the police decided to arrest the suspect. A video of the arrest was made viral and you can watch it below:

Source: Facebook

As for the victim, she’s currently undergoing therapy as she is said to be experiencing trauma. She doesn’t even want to leave her house or go to school after her story got out. We hope she gets better! 

On that note, we would like to urge everyone with kids to be extra vigilant and always keep an eye on your kids so they don’t end up in the same situation as the girl above. Take care.


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