7 Sex Toys I Loved In 2017


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Doc Johnson hadn’t really been on my radar as a go-to sex toy company, but while I was sleeping on them, they really pumped out several amazing new sex toys. The iRipple is, no joke, my favorite sex toy of the year.

It’s got three separate motors and listen, it’s intense. Internal vibration has never been a must for me (the clit is it, and all that), but between the shape, which is like a finger curling inside you but better, and the quality of the vibrations, I’m a believer. Right before I turn it on, I’m always like, “There’s no way the vibrations feel as visceral and rumbly and good as I’m remembering. Prepare for disappointment.” BUT THEN THEY ALWAYS DO. One of the vibration patterns, a steady drumbeat pulse, honestly makes the toy feel like it’s thrusting inside you without actually having to move it.

Not to mention, it’s got a *little* nub that actually lines up with my anatomy, so I can get inner and external stimulation at the same time. Of course, everyone is different, but if you’ve been disappointed by rabbit vibrators and always wind up feeling like you’re stabbing your clitoris when you try to use them, the iRipple might be worth a shot.

Get it on Shop Doc Johnson for $79.99.

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