7-Year-Old Gives Moving Speech During Peaceful Protest in New York

7-Year-Old Gives Moving Speech During Peaceful Protest in New York

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Lakyia Jackson states that her seven-year-old child, Wynta-Amor Rogers, simply desires her voice to be heard. And after videos of the first-grader opposing have actually gone viral, her message is being shared worldwide.

On Wednesday, a clip of the young protester shared by the LI Herald amassed attention, as the young activist marched with decision, shouting, “No Justice, No Peace.” Currently, the video has actually been seen over 22 million times.

And in a video published by Newsday on Thursday, Rogers is seen offering a positive speech at a Black Lives Matter demonstration in Merrick, NY.

“So for my message for people,” Rogers started. “I just want y’all to be strong, we can get through this. And whoever is like, homeless, we got you, just call us.”

When asked why she was marching, the Roosevelt Children’s Academy trainee had a worthy response.

“I just want everybody to get along,” the kid responded. “I want us to be a good New York community. If we get through with this, we can fight this.”

In an interview with Newsday, Rogers stated she’s delighted her voice is being commemorated.

“I’m just so grateful,” she stated. “My message is to people is that we can fight through this. As soon as this is over, in one year, we’re going to hug our family, go outside some more, and be peaceful.”

She later on included: “I was marching because I want black people and white people to be together.”

Her mom likewise spoke with the outlet to describe her kid’s grasp of the scenario.

“She understands the peaceful movement,” Jackson stated. “She doesn’t understand why people vandalize people’s property and things like that. I just have to explain to her that everyone is not peaceful. She understands that there are good cops and there are bad cops. We want everyone to become, just as one.”

The Long Island location has actually seen thousands collecting to march in uniformity with the Black Lives Matter motion, closing down parts of significant roadways in Nassau County.

While Jackson has actually seen criticism about her child’s age and participation in the demonstrations, she does not let it trouble her. 

“To the negative comments, God bless y’all. … I just hope that they can come to peace,” she stated.

And when it comes to the effect that Rogers has actually currently made, her mom is really happy.

“Look what my daughter has done,” Jackson stated. “She has been heard.”

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