8 Cameos That Happened in Hallmark Channel Christmas Movies

8 Cameos That Happened in Hallmark Channel Christmas Movies

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It may be Christmastime, however Hallmark Channel is everything about the Easter eggs.

After gifting fans with a couple of unanticipated crossover cameos in 2015, the network’s 2022 Countdown to Christmas has actually doubled down on the seasonal surprises. Not just did 3 of its most popular leading males–Tyler Hynes, Andrew Walker and Paul Campbell— collaborate for Three Wise Men and a Baby, however a number of more stars appeared in other films in bit parts.

Lacey Chabert‘s Haul Out the Holly saw not one, not 2, however 3 familiar faces join her joyful enjoyable, while Chabert’s leading guy, Wes Brown, likewise participated the cameo action, appearing in My Southern Family Christmas Plus, 2 fan-favorites from Hallmark’s struck series When Calls the Heart were called (See what we did there?) upon to play little however essential parts in 2 different films– one needing a fairy fit to be used. Not all heroes use capes, however they do use pointy ears in some cases.