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For the most current news and info about the coronavirus pandemic, check out the WHO site.

CNET returned to business of gizmo evaluations today with the release of the brand-new iPhone SE, which showed up in the nick of time for budget-conscious purchasers startled by the coronavirus. At $400 it’s rather the take — Apple loaded it with the very same chip that powers the business’s $1,450 iPhone Pro Max.

But the pandemic rages on, and we have actually likewise been keeping tabs on how tech is converging with efforts to manage it. For example, we took a look at agreement tracing apps and how they’re handling personal privacy issues in both the United States and abroad. Meanwhile, lockdown efforts are highlighting the digital divide, and a fired Amazon employee states his termination was retaliation for speaking up about virus-related conditions.

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Apple, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Uber have brand-new work-from-home policies as tech culture clashes with domesticity.

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On the 5th anniversary of Apple’s very first smartwatch, we have a look at the gadget’s development.


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Researchers discover that numerous “reopen” domain are being signed up at the very same time. Many belong to plans to gather information.


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Tech business have actually been considering our wallets for several years. Now they may simply get them.


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Video talking is all the rage now that individuals need to stay at home.


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The famous primatologist, topic of a brand-new National Geographic documentary, likewise discusses the connection in between the coronavirus and people’ neglect for nature.


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Commentary: The option is much, much even worse.



Commentary: Now more than ever, being eco-friendly ways cultivating a more natural creativity.


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You do not sit and rotate in a chair for this VR. Supernatural is a brand-new spin on virtual truth physical fitness, and it might conserve me from backsliding into a sagging slob throughout lockdown.



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