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Yes, we’re all waiting to see simply what Apple has up its sleeve for Monday, however let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The previous week should have an appearance back. Google stated its brand-new streaming service declares “the future of gaming.” Disney completed its takeover of Fox, developing a Hollywood beast to pursue Netflix. And politicos battled with innovation, as Cali’s guv mentioned a “techlash” and Republicans and Dems both talked up proposed net neutrality legislation. But that’s far from all. Here are a few of our finest stories from the week that was.

President Trump states a physical wall requires to be the primary line of defense in the south. But a see to a number of border towns in Texas reveals that isn’t always the case.

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Authorities call facial acknowledgment an important tool. Civil liberties groups state it threatens.


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There are a great deal of iPads now, however can the tiniest one trigger a little happiness?


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When you believe computer games, quickly it’ll be Microsoft’s Xbox, Sony’s PlayStation, Nintendo’s Switch, PCs and… Google’s Stadia?


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The terrorist attack was inextricably connected to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Aucklanders Gather At Al-Madinah School To Remember Victims Of Christchurch Mosque Attack

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Commentary: Apple’s just-announced revitalized AirPods are an upgrade over the originals, however some hoped-for additions are missing out on.


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In the period of #DeleteFacebook, the social media is showing to be a lifeline for HIV-positive individuals.


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Where’s the beef? Actually, it’s a chicken nugget.


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After spitting in a tube, I found out where my DNA originates from and where my individual information may go.


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