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For the most updated news and details about the coronavirus pandemic, check out the WHO site.

Another week in lockdown, another grim coronavirus turning point: On Friday, the variety of individuals who have actually passed away from COVID-19 all over the world reached 100,000.

Big tech continues to assist battle the pandemic, the current example being Apple and Google structure coronavirus tracking tech into their mobile phone running systems. The 2 business, together with others, are likewise assisting to make and disperse protective health equipment and ventilators.

But as Americans and others safeguarding in location have actually ended up being progressively dependent on innovation to work and make it through, it’s likewise featured some brand-new security and personal privacy headaches. Take “Zoombombing” for instance.

Here’re the week’s stories you do not wish to miss out on: 

Family and good friends will call in from all over the world as the groom and bride proceed with their weddings — cancer and COVID-19 be damned.

Jenessa Schwartz

With brand-new consoles, cloud video gaming and VR simply over the horizon, computer game might have a higher effect on the environment than ever previously.


Robert Rodriguez/CNET

Anthony Daniels speaks about the DVD release of The Rise of Skywalker and about his brand-new book, where he shares stories about his experiences playing the renowned golden robotic.



Mounting proof links COVID-19 to olfactory loss, accentuating anosmia, a condition that can affect whatever from taste to memories to intimate relationships.


Ben Birchall/Getty Images

Commentary: The Netflix series is a significant hit, however its inexpensive delights might leave you with a psychological hangover.


AlexTurton/Getty Images

Phone place information gathered by marketers does not reveal the entire photo and is susceptible to mass scams, scientists caution.


Angela Lang/CNET

Without a clear paid leave policy, some motorists might still be on the roadway regardless of getting contaminated.


Scott Olson/Getty Images

The coronavirus came from animals however is it a threat to animals? Here’s whatever we understand about COVID-19 and buddy animals.


Getty Images

No 2 cases of COVID-19 are the exact same.


Getty Images
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