9 Times People Were Actually Murdered By Their Clothes


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In the course of the reign of the primary Queen Elizabeth, paleness grew to become synonymous with magnificence, wealth, and the Aristocracy. To attain the final word pale look, ladies would slather on these items referred to as ceruse, which was a lead-based make-up. Did I say lead, as a result of yeah, the make-up would usually eat into the wearer’s face, inflicting abject scarring and harm.

As Giovanni Lomazzo, an writer from the time interval, famous, ceruse “is of course an important drier … ladies who use it about their faces, doe rapidly turn into withered and grey headed, as a result of this dowth so mightely drie up the naturall moysture of their flesh.” Sounds…nice.

Within the case of Queen Elizabeth herself, she wore a lot ceruse that she ended up dying from it, slowly poisoning herself over time because the lead from the beauty seeped into her pores and skin.


Prevailing magnificence requirements on the time additionally referred to as for girls to have small rosy mouths and brilliant, wide-set eyes. To be able to get the bright-eyed look, ladies would put drops of belladonna — aka lethal nightshade — of their eyes. Uncomfortable side effects included headache, dizziness, nausea, and blurred imaginative and prescient. WHUT.

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