A Comprehensive Guide to Every New Character in the Revival


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When Twin Peaks revealed its cast list for The Return, the number of actors totaled over 200. While several dozen are returning cast members from the original series, most of the ensemble is made up of new faces.

The Twin Peaks newbies range from veteran actors Jim Belushi, Laura Dern and Robert Forster to relative unknowns like Chrysta Bell and Pierce Gagnon, with a few famous musicians thrown in for good measure, like Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor and Pearl Jam lead singer Eddie Vedder.

If you’re having trouble keeping track of everyone who’s new to the Twin Peaks universe, ET is here to help with a handy guide to all the newcomers as they make their debuts.

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Jane Adams as Constance Talbot

Talbot is the medical examiner in Buckhorn, South Dakota, who is helping the police investigate Ruth Davenport’s (Mary Stofle) murder. Adams is a veteran of Fraiser and Hung.

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Michael Bisping as Guard

This mixed martial artist certainly filled out his guard’s uniform as the man in charge with keep-ing watch over the mysterious New York City glass box experiment.

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Brent Briscoe as Det. Dave Macklay

Macklay is one of the investigators on the Davenport murder, which Briscoe is no stranger to. The quintessential “hey, it’s that guy!” has played a law enforcement official in nearly a dozen projects, including Lynch’s 2001 film Mulholland Drive. Television fans might know him best, however, as the owner of J.J.’s diner on Parks and Recreation.

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Bailey Chase as Det. Don Harrison

Macklay’s partner, Harrison is also investigating the Davenport murder, so he’s sure to keep pop-ping up throughout the beginning of The Return. Fans know him as a lawman on Longmire and a member of season four’s The Initiative on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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Neil Dickson as George Bautzer

George is the man Phyllis Hastings (Cornelia Guest) is having an affair with, though he might also be acting as her husband Bill’s (Matthew Lillard) attorney. Awkward. Of course, that’s assuming George stays out of prison himself. Evil Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) used George’s gun to shoot Phyllis in the head in the premiere episode. If Lynch fans recognize him, it’s because Dickson had a role in the 2006 film Inland Empire.

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Patrick Fishler as Duncan Todd

Duncan is seen briefly in the premiere telling his assistant Roger (Joe Adler) to inform an unseen woman that she got the job. The assistant then asks Duncan, “Why do you let him make you do these things?” to which Duncan replies, “Roger, you better hope that you never get involved with someone like him, never have someone like him in your life.” Who is this mysterious “him”? We don’t know yet. But this Lost and Mad Men alum owes a lot to Lynch; his breakout role was in Mulholland Drive.

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Cornelia Guest as Phyllis Hastings

Good ol’ Phyllis is somehow wrapped up in the plot to frame her husband Bill for murdering Ruth Davenport. She knew he was having at least one affair (though to be fair, so is she) and she recognizes Evil Cooper when he shows up at her house. But Evil Cooper quickly dispenses of Phyllis by shooting her in the head as she tries to run away. RIP, Phyllis. You seemed like the worst.

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Ashley Judd as Beverly Paige

We’ve only gotten a brief introduction to Benjamin Horne’s (Richard Beymer) new Gal Friday, Beverly, though we did learn that she’s married. It’s Ben’s primary reason for not trying to sleep with her.

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Nicole LaLiberte as Darya

Darya is part of the plot to frame Hastings for Ruth’s murder, and after Ray Monroe gets himself locked up, she’s the target of Evil Cooper’s wrath after he learns they were planning to kill him. He shoots her in a hotel room after learning everything he can from Darya.

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Jennifer Jason Leigh as Chantal Hutchens

We don’t know much about Chantal yet, except for the fact that she’s sleeping with Evil Cooper and he asks her to clean up the mess left behind after he shoots Darya. Evil Cooper also asked Chantal to meet up with him (and bring her husband) in a few days, but that was before his car accident and subsequent incarceration.

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Matthew Lillard as Bill Hastings

Poor Bill. He’s a high school principal in Buckhorn, accused of murdering local librarian Ruth Davenport. It appears to be an obvious frame job, though he’s not completely innocent. He may have been having an affair with either or both Davenport and his secretary, Betty. But still, that doesn’t mean he should go to jail for a murder he didn’t commit.

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Ben Rosenfield as Sam Colby

Sam kicks off the action on Twin Peaks: The Return as the subject of an experiment in New York City wherein he sits in a basement warehouse-type room on a couch and watches a glass box for hours on end while some cameras roll. He’s not sure what he’s looking for, but he definitely knows when he sees it… right before it brutally murders him. The glass box is somehow connect-ed to the Black Lodge, because it’s where Cooper briefly ends up after he is expelled. But exactly what emerged from the box after Cooper left it and slaughtered Sam and his booty call, Tracey (Madeline Zima), is not yet known.

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Jessica Szohr as Renee

The Gossip Girl alum was seen in the premiere episode drinking with Shelly (Madchen Amick) and two other gal pals at the Bang Bang Bar in Twin Peaks. Shelly comments that she thinks James Hurley (James Marshall) is interested in Renee, but we aren’t so sure it wasn’t Shelly who had caught James’ eye.

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Jake Wardle as Freddie Sykes

This is the young man who was having a beer with James in the Bang Bang Bar in the premiere episodes. He’s noteworthy because he looks quite a bit younger than James, so we’re wondering if he’s possibly James’ son.

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Madeline Zima as Tracey

If this young woman looks familiar to you, it’s because she played Grace Sheffield on The Nanny for six years in the 1990s. She also recurred on Heroes and Californication. Unfortunately, Tracey was brutally murdered before we got to know much about her. But she did get naked first, something Lynch couldn’t do when the show was on ABC.

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Chrysta Bell as Agent Tammy Preston

Preston is a 30-year-old FBI agent, so she’s not fresh out of the academy, but she definitely hasn’t been around as long as Gordon Cole (Lynch) and Albert Rosenfield (Miguel Ferrer). She seems sharp, but is also very pretty — something that could prove problematic for Gordon, according to FBI Chief of Staff Denise Bryson (David Duchovny). In real life, Bell is quite the musician and has worked with Lynch in a songwriting/recording capacity since 1999. They’ve released two albums together and she also appeared in the short film, Bird of Flames, for which she and Lynch co-wrote the music.

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Michael Cera as Wally Brando Brennan

The son of Lucy (Kimmy Robertson) and Andy (Harry Goaz) is responsible for one of the funniest scenes so far when he shows up at the sheriff’s station to pay his respects to Sheriff Frank Truman over his brother Harry’s illness. He was born on Marlon Brando’s birthday and has taken that to heart, dressing as Brando from the 1953 film, The Wild One, and spouting lines like “my dharma is the road.” It’s hard to believe, but this is the first thing Cera has done for Lynch.

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Robert Forster as Sheriff Frank Truman

Frank is Sheriff Harry Truman’s (Michael Ontkean) older brother. In The Secret History of Twin Peaks, the book creator Mark Frost wrote in conjunction with the revival, it is revealed that Frank held the position of town sheriff before Harry took over the job. Frank subsequently left Twin Peaks and is presumably back because his brother is sick. He went to high school with Big Ed Hurley (Everett McGill), Hawk (Michael Horse), Hank Jennings (Chris Mulkey) and Jerry Horne (David Patrick Kelly) before serving as a Green Beret in Vietnam. On the original series, Forster was Lynch’s first choice to play Harry, but he had to turn the part down due to a commitment to another TV project. He also appeared in Mulholland Drive.

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Pierce Gagnon as Sonny Jim Jones

This precocious child actor (who played Halle Berry’s son on Extant) plays the son of Dougie and Janey-E (Naomi Watts). He seems to get a kick out of his father’s weird behavior, which he doesn’t know is post-Black Lodge Cooper still trying to figure out basic things about the world around him.

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Naomi Watts as Janey-E Jones

Somehow, Evil Cooper managed to make his Dougie doppelganger a smooth enough guy to snag Janey as his wife. She seems nice enough, but Janey is definitely mixed up in whatever business has some thugs targeting Dougie for the money he owes them. Watts is a familiar Lynch face, having starred in her breakout role as the lead in Mulholland Drive, but also appearing in his short drama, Rabbits, and Inland Empire.

Twin Peaks: The Return
airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Showtime.



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