A Father And Son Have Been Arrested After A Video Went Viral Of Them Allegedly Assaulting A Teen


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South Australian police have arrested a 45-year-old man and his 14-year-old son after footage of the pair allegedly assaulting a boy recognized to them went viral.

Police will allege that the assault occurred on Monday, round 11am, in Port Augusta.

The footage, which was initially uploaded to the Welcome To Nation Fb web page, has been seen nearly 300,000 instances and reveals the daddy and son allegedly confronting a boy earlier than pushing him to the bottom. The sufferer is allegedly punched by the 14-year-old.

Right here is the complete transcript from the second of filming:

Father: “In the event you fuckin’ contact my son … In the event you punch my son I’m going to smash your fucking face in mate.”

Sufferer: “Inform him to depart me alone then.”

Father: “No, no, you deserve what you get. Apologise.”

Sufferer: “Sorry.”

Father: “Apologise to him, get in your knees. [To son] Get him on his knees.”

Sufferer: “Sorry.”

Father: “Who’re you sorry to? Sorry to my daughter? To his mum?”

Sufferer: “Sure.”

Father: “You higher fucking imply it.”

Sufferer: “I do.”

Father: “You recognize what’s gonna occur to your fucking household if I ever hear you say any fucking factor once more? You recognize what’s gonna fucking occur? I will come to your home mate and there is gonna be fucking hell. You bought it?”

Sufferer: “Sure.”

Father: “Have a look at me within the fucking eye. You fucking bought it?”

Sufferer: “Sure.”

Father: “You spit on my daughter once more I am gonna fucking take your fucking head in. You bought it cunt?”

Sufferer: “Sure.”

Father: “Good, now fuck off.”

The sufferer didn’t maintain any critical accidents. The daddy and son had been arrested and charged with aggravated assault. They had been each bailed and can seem in court docket at a later date.

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