A Harvard nutritional expert and brain specialist prevents these 5 foods that ‘deteriorate memory and focus’

A Harvard nutritionist and brain expert avoids these 5 foods that 'weaken memory and focus'

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No matter how old you are, it’s never ever far too late to begin consuming in a manner that provides you the very best possible opportunity of warding off dementia as you age and making certain that you feel concentrated and sharp every day.

As a dietary psychiatrist, professor at Harvard Medical School and author of “This Is Your Brain on Food,” I study how our gut germs can set off metabolic procedures and brain swelling that effect memory. Existing research studies indicate the concept that we might have the ability to decrease the possibility of dementia by preventing foods that can jeopardize our gut germs and deteriorate our memory and focus.

Here are the foods I attempt to prevent or cut down on to combat swelling and promote brain health, sharp thinking and great decision-making:

1. Added sugars

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2. Fried foods

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3. High-glycemic-load carbohydrates

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4. Alcohol

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5. Nitrates

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