A Social Media Influencer Gets Her Fat Frozen on Dr. 90210 – E! Online

A Social Media Influencer Gets Her Fat Frozen on Dr. 90210 - E! Online

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Brrrning fat has actually never ever been so simple!

Sepi, a self-described social networks influencer from—you thought it—Los Angeles, visited Dr. Kelly Killeen on tonight’s brand new Dr. 90210, and by the time she left what was expected to be simply a basic assessment, she had actually gone through a treatment that promised to eliminate fat in a matter of minutes.

But let’s start at the start! Prior to the visit, Sepi described that she was wanting to eliminate fat in one specific location of her body: her back.

“I have something that I’ve always been super self-conscious of. I have a little bit of these back fat rolls that I just can’t get rid of,” she informed the Dr. 90210 video cameras. “I work out a lot and I eat somewhat healthy; They just don’t go away no matter what I do.”

Recently engaged and preparing to stroll down the aisle, Sepi was more identified than ever to discover a service. Luckily, she currently understood Dr. Killeen, given that she had actually been to her workplace for Botox a couple of times. 

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