Adam Brody Would Do a Revival of The O.C. Under One Condition

Adam Brody Would Do a Revival of The O.C. Under One Condition

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Adam Brody on the Possibility of The O.C. REBOOT

Right back where he began with.

From comics extremely fan to superhero has actually been Adam Brody‘s journey as a star. That’s due to the fact that twenty years after his breakout function as Seth Cohen on The O.C., he’s putting on leggings and a cape in Shazam! Fury of the Gods He just recently reviewed his early profession, offering some love to his renowned teen function.

“I was so excited to be starting that journey, excited to see people enjoying it,” Adam solely informed E! News at the Shazam! follow up’s Los Angeles best March14 “It was such a nice fit for me and the character, feeling really in sync with the writers.”

But amidst the variety of revivals and reboots of precious programs– consisting of better half Leighton Meester‘s breakout series, Gossip Girl— would Adam be intrigued in going back to Newport Beach 20 years later on?

“If there was a reason, like a really inspired idea? Yes,” the Scream 4 star confessed. “Other than that, probably not. No. And by ‘inspired idea,’ I mean lots and lots of money.”