Ajax midfielder Abdelhak Nouri out of intensive care and breathing unaided after collapsing on the pitch


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Nouri, 20, left with ‘serious and permanent brain damage’ after tragic incident

AJAX midfielder Abdelhak Nouri is out of intensive care – but remains under constant watch in hospital, his club confirmed.

The 20-year-old was left with “serious and permanent brain damage” after he tragically collapsed on the pitch in a pre-season friendly nearly three weeks ago.

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Ajax midfielder Abdelhak Nouri suffered ‘severe and permanent brain damage’ after collapsing in a pre-season friendly

Nouri has since suffered serious brain damage and is unlikely to ever recover


He has now been moved out of intensive care and is breathing unaided in a ‘medium care’ ward

In a family statement released on the club website, his family confirmed that Nouri is no longer in an induced coma and is breathing unaided.

However, although his condition is stable he has severe and lasting brain damage.

Nouri is currently being treated in a ‘medium care’ ward.

The statement read: “The Nouri family once again thanks everyone who has shown and given support in some way, and asks everyone to continue [praying for] Abdelhak.”


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Fans gather at a memorial outside the Amsterdam hospital where Nouri is being treated

Getty Images

Fans gather at a memorial outside the Amsterdam hospital where Nouri is being treated

A mural has also been painted in tribute to the midfielder


A mural has also been painted in tribute to the midfielder

Ajax star Abdelhak Nouri has collapsed during pre-season friendly

Getty Images

Nouri’s family thanked those who have left messages and prayers for the player

Nouri collapsed in the game against Werder Bremen on July 8.

He was treated for 10 minutes on the pitch before being taken to hospital by air ambulance and put in an induced coma as doctors rushed to save him.

But after waking up, the youngster now sadly suffered “serious and permanent brain damage” due to a shortage of oxygen.

One of his brothers, Abderrahim, revealed last week that the midfielder can’t walk, talk or even recognise his family anymore, with the chance of recovery virtually nil.

Ajax midfielder Abdelhak Nouri collapses on pitch during reserve match with Werder Bremen

Nouri's brother appeared at the window to thank Ajax fans

Getty Images

Nouri’s brother Mohammed appeared at the window to thank Ajax fans last week

Fans have gathered outside Abdelhak Nouri's house in Amsterdam


Hundreds of fans gathered outside Abdelhak Nouri’s house in Amsterdam when the news broke

He said: “He cannot walk, cannot talk, he does not recognise us, does not know who we are. He does not feel anything, he does not hear anything.

“The longer you wait, the better they can perform some tests. Yesterday morning the doctors did another test. The base of the brain is mostly damaged and is not functioning.

“According to the doctor he can never do all that again, he will never heal. But I trust Allah. May it be like that in the end I will accept it.

“He is a great guy. Everybody, the whole world, is talking great things about him.

“Our religion teaches us to accept and we pray for his recovery. We are holding now to that lifeline.

“We believe anyway that this life is temporary and that the eternal will follow after, but year, everyone wanted to see him score some goals first.”

Nouri’s sister Ghizlan added: “We keep hoping that one day all will come well with our beautiful Nouri.”

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