Alabama Barker Claps Back at Makeup and Age Comments

Alabama Barker Claps Back at Makeup and Age Comments

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Alabama Barker isn’t brushing off the haters this time around.

The 17- year-old, who is the child of Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler, just recently called out those who typically slam her age and her makeup looks. Alabama captioned her April 18 TikTok, “When Kathryn with 3 kids only waterline liner, 4 different colored blonde, & Tom shoes, talk about my makeup or age.”

Alabama paired it with a TikTok noise stating, “I’ll tell you what you look like, but you won’t like it.”

The teen highlighted her message by using a complete face of attractive makeup, which included incorrect eyelashes, a dagger-sharp cat-eye and overlined lips. She matched her appearance with a black long-sleeve and layers of diamond lockets.

Over the years, Alabama has actually shared her love for appeal and has actually published detailed tutorials of her regimen. In truth, among her makeup sessions was crashed by her father and stepmom Kourtney Kardashian soon after the couple had actually gotten married in Santa Barbara,Calif on May 15.

“Wow,” Alabama informed the newlyweds, “you guys are really dressed up!”