Alicia Silverstone Reenacts Clueless Scene With Son for TikTok – E! Online

Alicia Silverstone Reenacts Clueless Scene With Son for TikTok - E! Online

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Alicia Silverstone has actually lastly signed up with TikTok and we’re absolutely buggin’—in a great way!

The 44-year-old starlet might have been tardy to sign up with the platform, however she’s here now and she brought somebody unique to make her very first video really renowned. The starlet employed the aid of her 10-year-old boy Bear Blu Jarecki to reenact a traditional minute from Clueless, the 1995 film that made her popular.

In the initial scene, her character, Cher Horowitz, uses her now-trademark yellow plaid sports jacket and matching kilt miniskirt as she strolls on her high school campus and studies the male population. She then gets assailed by a random obnoxious male trainee, triggering her to push him away and yell, “Ew! Get off of me! Ugh! As if!”

In the starlet’ TikTok, Alicia sports Cher’s sports jacket, however unlike in the cult teenager funny movie, she and her boy conclude their interaction with a sweet hug.

She captioned the post, “Ugh! As if… I wouldn’t join TikTok. #Clueless #AsIf.”

The video, which was likewise published on her Instagram page, is set to No Doubt‘s breakout 1995 single “Just a Girl,” among the most pop music of the period, although it was launched 2 months after Clueless struck theaters.

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