Aliens could be hiding on Mars living in briny water under planet’s surface, new study says


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Sponge-like creatures might be lurking beneath the floor of Mars, in response to new analysis.

Salty subterranean lakes on the Purple Planet are able to offering sufficient oxygen to help even easy animals, scientists imagine.

It has lengthy believed there’s not sufficient air on Mars to help life.


However a pc mannequin developed by a US crew suggests the planet’s briny underground lakes consists of salt and water.

And they’re most likely in a position to retailer up sufficient oxygen to permit alien life to flourish.

The brand new examine, printed in Nature Geoscience, believes these areas are particularly concentrated within the poles of the planet.

Dr. Vlada Stamenkovic mentioned the briny water may even be considerable in calcium and magnesium which increase bone and metabolism.

However locations “with ample oxygen accessible for cardio microbes to breathe” could also be all around the Purple Planet.

He added: “Furthermore, about 6.5 % of the full Martian floor space may help far greater dissolved oxygen concentrations, enabling cardio oases ample to maintain the respiration calls for of extra complicated multicellular organisms equivalent to sponges.”

It’s thought that if life existed in these watery havens then they may resemble life in neighboring Earth

Dr. Stamenkovic, a planetary scientist on the California Institute of Know-how in Pasadena, mentioned: “As a result of shortage of oxygen within the trendy Martian ambiance, Mars has been assumed to be incapable of manufacturing environments with sufficiently giant concentrations to help cardio respiration.

“Right here, we current a thermodynamic framework for the solubility of oxygen in brines beneath Martian near-surface circumstances.”

Dr. Stamenkovic mentioned little consideration has been given to the position of oxygen on Mars, because of its shortage.

However geochemical proof from Martian meteorites suggests it as soon as had giant quantities because of its heat ambiance and liquid oceans which performed a task within the weathering of its crust.

He mentioned: “Aqueous environments, within the type of brines, can exist at present at, and particularly under, the floor regardless of the skinny ambiance and general chilly local weather.”

Latest proof demonstrates hydrated magnesium and calcium salts at varied places on the floor and shallow subsurface.

This means there might be oxygen “akin to the concentrations in Earth’s oceans at present.”

Dr. Stamenkovic mentioned: “Thus, in precept, Mars may provide a variety of near-surface environments with sufficient dissolved oxygen for cardio respiration like that seen in numerous teams of terrestrial microorganisms.”

Looking out alien life is one thing which a rising variety of teams imagine NASA ought to be doing extra commonly.

For instance, the Nationwide Academy of Sciences (NAS) launched a report final week that requires NASA to make the seek for extraterrestrial life an “integral a part of its missions.”

This story initially appeared in The Solar.

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