Alistair Kirkwood excited to play at Tottenham’s new stadium from subsequent season


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NFL UK chief Alistair Kirkwood believes soccer is lastly coming dwelling in London subsequent yr.

Spurs’ swanky new 61,000-seat stadium will host two regular-season video games annually for the following decade from 2018.


Tottenham’s new stadium will host NFL video games from subsequent season
 Tottenham's new stadium at their White Hart Lane home will be finished in time for next season

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Tottenham’s new stadium at their White Hart Lane dwelling might be completed in time for subsequent season

And Tottenham’s new house is full with an artificial discipline and bigger dressing rooms to accommodate gridiron video games.

Kirkwood advised SunSport: “Ten years in the past we’d have by no means imagined floor sharing with a Premier League workforce and having our personal discipline beneath the soccer pitch that Spurs are enjoying on.

“It’s just like the distinction between being a tenant and transferring into a spot the place you have had some say in the appear and feel and the ornament.

“At Twickenham, in an effort to get the suitable locker room house for our groups now we have to knock down bars subsequent to the dressing room to construct it out – then after we depart we construct the bar again up once more.

“We’re having to work inside the construction of a stadium that is constructed for a distinct sport, however at Spurs we cannot have to try this.”

 NFL UK boss Alistair Kirkwood is excited to move into Tottenham's new stadium

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NFL UK boss Alistair Kirkwood is excited to move into Tottenham’s new stadium
Three Miami Dolphins NFL players kneel before their game against the New Orleans Saints at Wembley

Sunday’s clash between Minnesota and Cleveland at Twickenham will be the fourth and final game in London this year.

There will be at least four games next year too with Wembley set to host two more contests.

Kirkwood is thrilled with the progress of NFL in London since the city began hosting games a decade ago.

“Ten years back we were playing the first regular-season game outside north American and it was a contentious issue just like the 39th Premier League game.

“Now we’ve had 26 out of 32 teams played in London and have 40,000 season ticket holders who go to all four games. There’s no way I could have envisaged that ten years ago.”

Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh said the trip to London was “not ideal” after his team’s 44-7 loss to Jacksonville this year.

 There were four NFL games in London in 2017, more than any other year

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There were four NFL games in London in 2017, more than any other year

Los Angeles Rams running back Todd Gurley also said that “it doesn’t make sense” and “they need to stop” with London games.

Kirkwood said: “I’ve got more than enough quotes from players and coaches that would contrast to coach Harbaugh’s viewpoint.

“I understand that when you make a trip such as this it has a lot of complexity to it and it’s not straightforward, so it’s not to everyone’s liking.

“Over ten years we’ve got a really good track record of bringing teams over.

“The beauty and the beast of what we’re doing is there is nothing else to compare it to in terms of size and scale. We have around 150 people from each team including coaches and support staff flying over.”

 Los Angeles Rams thrashed the Arizona Cardinals at Twickenham last Sunday

Getty Images

Los Angeles Rams thrashed the Arizona Cardinals at Twickenham last Sunday

Kirkwood also believes the NFL is making rapid progress towards a London franchise in the coming years.

He said: “We don’t have a date we’re aiming for but we’re on track because we continue to make good progress and fans are supporting us by buying tickets.

“Everything we do is to try and build a potential for an owner to think that this could be really interesting in the future.

“By doing more games and selling out, we get closer because we have a longer track record.

“It doesn’t necessarily mean that in 2021 or 2025 or 2030 it takes place. I don’t think anyone could quite honestly roadmap this with any certainly.

“We just need to continue doing what we’re doing and I’m convinced good things will happen.”

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