All the buzz on Samsung’s bendable phone – Video

All the buzz on Samsung’s bendable phone - Video

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Samsung’s Galaxy 4 strikes the marketplace on April 26th, with a rate of $1,980.
So what do you receive from a flexing phone that cost almost 2,000 dollars?
An overall game-changer.
When it’s closed, the fold has a 4.6-inch screen, and after that it opens like a book to 7.3 inches.
The screens themselves are made from a plastic polymer product, not glass.
That’s what lets them flex like they do.
But this design does not close totally flat.
There’s constantly going to be a little a joint.
The Fold runs the most current variation of Google’s Android os, the Android 9 Pie.
The 2 business work carefully to make sure a smooth user experience called advertisement connection So when you’re taking a look at an app on the smaller sized screen, it will immediately fill the larger screen the phone is at its biggest.
When the phone is opened to work more like a tablet, you might have 3 active windows operating at when.
And in overall, the Fold has 6 cams, and will be readily available in 4 various colors.
In San Francisco, I’m Kara Tsuboi with CNET for CBS News.

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