Aly Michalka’s Reaction to Phil of the Future Milestone Is Gold – E! Online

Aly Michalka's Reaction to Phil of the Future Milestone Is Gold - E! Online

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There are some things a time maker simply can’t repair… 

Aly Michalka does not appear too pleased by the death of time. The Easy A starlet required to Twitter to provide her amusing take on the 17-year anniversary of the best of Phil of the Future, which aired on the Disney Channel from 2004 to 2006.

MTV tweeted out 2 essentially classic images of co-stars Aly and Ricky Ullman in the mid-aughts, composing, “IYKYK: #PhilOfTheFuture premiered 17 Years Ago TODAY — and yes, I will forever ship Phil (@ravivullman) & Keely (@alyandaj).” 

Aly’s response? “S–t I’m old,” the now 32-year-old star wrote, including a space rocket emoji. (She was virtually an infant at age 15 when it premiered).

As fans of the series understand, 2021 is a crucial year for another factor: It marks 100 years till Phil will take a trip back in time in 2121. 

Twitter users assessed the turning point in the remarks, with one writing, “I was at least 3 at the time and this series will still be permanently remain in my heart [sic].” Another shared, “you’re telling me this show can go see a rated r movie on its own…i’m old.”

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