Amanda Kloots Says Son Elvis Has Been Asking “Where Dad Is” – E! Online

Amanda Kloots Says Son Elvis Has Been Asking

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Amanda Kloots‘ child is starting to ask the difficult concerns.

Two years after her other half Nick Cordero passed away at age 41 due to COVID-19 issues, The Talk co-host exposed that amidst her own sorrow, her three-year-old child Elvis has actually begun ending up being curious about “where his dad is.”

” I seem like that part of sorrow is going to begin taking place, where I need to now face his sorrow after handling mine for the last 2 years, she shared on theOct 18 episode of iHeartRadio’s The Important Things with Bobbi Brown podcast. “Helping Elvis comprehend at this young age where Dad is, why Dad does not cope with us, what took place toDad And it’s been truly, truly, truly hard.”

Although Elvis was simply 13 months old when Nick passed, Amanda, 40, stated that her child states that he does keep in mind the Broadway star, “which is crazy.” She included, “I don’t know if that’s because we watch so many videos together of Nick or because I talk about Nick so much. But he does, he does say that and I love it. But it makes me wonder.”