Amazon provides employees another pay bump to offset lost benefits

Workers prep Prime Now deliveries in an Amazon warehouse.

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Inside an Amazon storage facility.

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Amazon has actually increased spend for some long time storage facility employees after the business was slammed for eliminating benefits and stock benefits.

The e-commerce huge altered some employees’ per hour raises from $1 per hour to $1.25 per hour, and included brand-new money benefits of $1,500 to $3,000 for period turning points every 5 years, according toBloomberg Employees with excellent presence in December will likewise apparently get a $100 benefit.

Amazon employees recently slammed the business for removing regular monthly benefits and stock benefits after the retail huge promised to raise the minimum per hour wage to a minimum of $15, according toBloomberg Workers with pay currently above $15 per hour would get a per hour raise of $1. Longtime Amazon staff members revealed issue since brand-new hires would get a much larger wage bump than they would.

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Amazon boosts its minimum wage to $15 an hour


The company said workers would see their total compensation increase this way. Employees will get more details on their pay changes before the new policy takes effect on Nov. 1, according to Amazon.

“Because it’s no longer incentive-based, the compensation will be more immediate and predictable,” an Amazon spokesperson said in an email statement.

The spokesperson noted that while some employees have benefited from a bull market and an increase in Amazon’s stock price in recent years, stock price appreciation isn’t guaranteed to continue. For employees who do want to invest in stock, Amazon plans to offer a direct stock purchase plan in 2019.

In addition, Amazon on Tuesday sent a letter to Sen. Bernie Sanders promising that all of its US workers on hourly wages will receive more pay under the new policy, according to the Washington Post. Sanders has said that Amazon workers get paid and treated poorly, and in September he introduced the “Stop BEZOS Act”  to put more pressure on the e-commerce giant, led by CEO Jeff Bezos. 

First published on Oct. 10 at 1:25 p.m. PT.
Updated Oct. 11 at 7:47 a.m. PT: Added a statement from an Amazon and information about Amazon and Sen. Bernie Sanders. 

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