Amazon is letting sellers utilize FedEx Ground once again


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Amazon states sellers can when again utilize FedEx Ground and Home to deliver Prime orders.

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Amazon will when again permit third-party sellers to utilize FedEx Ground and Home shipment services for Prime orders, the e-tailer stated Tuesday. It momentarily obstructed sellers from doing so last month, apparently stating it made the relocation since of a decrease in efficiency.

Amazon sent out an e-mail to sellers stating that FedEx Ground and Home would appear for seller-fulfilled Prime orders beginning Tuesday at 2 p.m. PT. An Amazon representative validated the information. CNBC previously reported the news. 

Last month, Amazon stated it had actually obstructed sellers from utilizing FedEx Ground and Home for Prime deliveries to guarantee clients got their plans in time for Christmas. Those shipment choices were still readily available for basic deliveries, and sellers were still enabled to utilize FedEx Express for Prime orders. 

The business apparently stated it would restore Ground and Home choices for Prime orders when “the delivery performance of these ship methods improves.” Amazon now states these shipment choices are regularly fulfilling the business’s on-time shipment requirements.  

In a declaration, FedEx stated the relocation is “good news for our mutual customers who have come to rely on the FedEx Ground offering.”

FedEx and Amazon’s relationship has actually been a rocky one. Earlier this year, FedEx ended its agreement with Amazon for Express shipping. It then stopped ground shipments for the online retail giant.

This comes as Amazon increases its own shipment network. In April, the business stated it was investing $800 million that quarter to reinforce its shipping facilities, and in June it broadened its air fleet. In May, the business held a ground-breaking event for its brand-new $1.5 billion air transport center in Kentucky.

Originally released Jan. 14 at 1: 39 p.m. PT.
Updates, 1: 48 p.m.: Adds more information about Amazon’s shipment network and its relationship with FedEx; 2: 29 p.m.:  Includes declaration from FedEx.

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