Amazon reopens in France, SpaceX to test new tech – Video

Amazon reopens in France, SpaceX to test new tech - Video
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The US Secret Service is reporting suspicions that an overseas fraud ring may be using hacked data to scam money earmarked for COVID-19 related unemployment benefits.
In a memo, the agency said the secret Service’s primary investigative priorities are to mitigate any attempt by criminals that target citizens for identity theft and cyber enabled crimes as it relates to COVID-19.
The Secret Service confirmed Saturday that it’s identified criminal actors but didn’t comment further on investing.
Vacation details

Across the pond, Amazon will reportedly reopen six warehouses in France this week after reaching an agreement with labor unions about how to operate safely during the Coronavirus pandemic.
New provisions include weekly meetings between management and laborers to evaluate safety and shorter shifts to allow time for social distancing during shift changes.
Compromise reflects the difficulties involved in balancing economic activity and safety.

And finally, in Space News, Elon Musk has confirmed that SpaceX will be launching 60 starlink satellites this week, of which some will be testing the company’s new visor, sat technology.
Buys us that comprises of a set of darkened shades that can be deployed to keep the sun from glinting off the bright parts of each satellite.
This is in order to minimize the obstruction that the satellites currently present to astronomers and other scientists.

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