Amazon utilized AWS in satellite experiment

Amazon used AWS in satellite experiment

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An image recorded by the ION Elysian Eleonara satellite in January 2022.


Amazon’s cloud computing department effectively ran a software application suite on a satellite in orbit, in a “first-of-its-kind” experiment, the business revealed Tuesday.

AWS, or Amazon Web Services, carried out the model satellite software application presentation through collaborations with Italian business D-Orbit and Swedish endeavorUnibap The experiment was carried out over the past 10 months in low Earth orbit, utilizing a D-Orbit satellite as the test platform.

The success of the AWS demonstration has ramifications throughout the area market, as spacecraft– implying anything from spaceport station to satellites– deal with a traffic jam in both information storage and interactions while in orbit.

A “downlink,” the procedure of moving information from orbit, needs a spacecraft link to a ground station, with restrictions such as the speed of the connection, or the time window in which the spacecraft is above the ground station.

AWS’ software application instantly examined images to choose which were the most beneficial to send out to the ground. It likewise minimized the size of images by as much as 42%.

“We showed the ability to increase the [satellite’s] performance,” AWS vice president Max Peterson informed CNBC.

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Peterson included that the experiment likewise revealed that AWS can assist business carry out “insight operations on the satellite, instead of having to wait until you can downlink back to Earth.”

“We can train designs to acknowledge virtually anything … [giving] the capability to both enhance the usage of an actually pricey property in area, and have the ability to take big quantities of information and get insights and equate it into action much faster,” Peterson stated.

AWS has actually gradually constructed out its Aerospace and Satellite Solutions system given that its facility in 2020, with the business offering cloud services to a range of consumers and partners throughout the area sector.

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