Amelia Hamlin Says She’s “Thankful” for Scott Disick on Thanksgiving – E! Online

Amelia Hamlin Says She's

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There’s no break in staying up to date with these 2!

On Nov. 26, Amelia Gray Hamlin took time out of her Thanksgiving vacation to publish a number of Instagram Stories of individuals closest to her.

Thankful for moms and dads Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin? Check! Grateful for sis Delilah Belle Hamlin? Absolutely. But possibly the image that is raising eyebrows is Amelia’s newest selfie with Scott Disick.

“Thankful 4 These PPL,” she composed online while positioning along with the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star and another buddy.

While it might definitely simply be a friendly image, lots of fans believe it’s more evidence these 2 are buckling down. After all, the set has actually been investing a lot of quality time together in current weeks.

“Scott’s having a good time,” a source formerly shown E! News. “He’s getting to know Amelia and enjoying her company. They are spending a lot of time together but it’s nothing serious. He’s having fun with it.”

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