America Ferrera Did Barbie Fashion Her Way and So Can You

America Ferrera Did Barbie Fashion Her Way and So Can You

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Ready to celebration like Barbie however do not like to use pink? Let America Ferrera be your sartorial spirit guide.

Playing among the sole human characters in Greta Gerwig‘s Barbie currently set Ferrera approximately stand apart amongst the bevvy of Barbies and a team ofKens But her stylist Karla Welch‘s smart option to dress the Ugly Betty alum practically entirey in black ensembles throughout the hit motion picture’s advertising trip ensured that all eyes would be on Ferrera, a sole dark area in a sea of bubblegum colors.

And that choice to not believe pink, paradoxically, was influenced by the spirit of Barbie and the motion picture’s progressive take on the renowned Mattel doll.

“What we can gain from Barbie is that you can do whatever you desire and state you’re Barbie,” Welch informed E! News in a special interview. “That’s the whole point of it: You don’t have to wear pink. You can just say, ‘This Barbie likes jeans and Birkenstocks,’ and then you are the ‘Jean and Birkenstock Barbie.’ So it’s really your attitude.”

Now that’s a Kenergy we can support.