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America Ferrera Was Asked to

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Hollywood might have taken infant actions towards enhancing variety and inclusivity over the last few years, however the fight for equivalent representation on and behind the video camera continues. 

Need an example? For a pre-recorded sector that aired throughout Sunday night’s 72nd Emmys, Superstore star America Ferrera, 36, explained her first-ever audition at age 16, an upsetting occasion that made her recognize how market experts viewed her Latinx heritage.

“I was 16 years of ages when I got my very first audition and I was this little brown, chubby valley lady who spoke like a valley lady. I strolled in, did my audition, [and] the casting director took a look at me and she resembled, ‘That’s excellent, um, can do you that once again however this time sound more Latina?'” Ferrera stated in the video. 

Unsure of what she suggested, Ferrera requested explanation: “Um, so do you want me to do it in Spanish?” She proceeded to describe that the casting director truly simply desired her to play into the harmful stereotype that Latinx individuals speak damaged English and imitate giddy partners to protagonist.


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