Android 10 hits Pixel phones, Samsung’s folding square phone? – Video

Android 10 hits Pixel phones, Samsung's folding square phone? - Video

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Android 10 is getting here initially to Google’s flagship Pixel phones today, with a broader rollout to other 3rd party Android gadgets later on this year.
Android 10 has a number of brand-new functions consisting of a dark mode color pattern, enhanced security settings.
A live caption tool that produces on the fly transcriptions for audio which will come later on in the Fall.
In speaking of Google, the business is supposedly being targeted by state attorney general of the United States in a coming anti-trust prob.
According to a report by the Washington Post and examination into anti-competitive conduct Might land the search giant in hot water with United States legislators.
Back in March, Google was struck with a $1.7 billion fine from the European Commission.
And lastly, according to Bloomberg, Samsung is establishing a 6.7 inch screen phone that would fold into a square.
Aiming for it to be less expensive and thinner than the still get to be launched Galaxy both.
Of course, it’s possible this folding principle gadget will not ever see the light of day, particularly if the Galaxy pulled re-release flops.
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