Apple reveals brand new Mac Pro – Video

Apple unveils all-new Mac Pro - Video

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This is the brand-new Mac Pro and it’s amazing.
It has a really beautiful style and amazing efficiency to match.
It is the most effective Mac we have actually ever developed.
And to inform you everything about it I’d like to welcome John turn us to the phase John.
And we have actually developed this brand-new Mac Pro for our consumers who require the supreme and see couple of efficiency.
So we’re utilizing a brand name brand-new Intel Xeon processor and it has up to twenty 8 cores.
And to get every last ounce of efficiency out of this processor we’re providing it over 300 watts of power and a huge heatsink for cooling so this suggests it can run completely unconstrained all the time now we likewise have a very high efficiency memory architecture Six channels of Superfast ECC memory in 12 dimm slots and table with Incredible one point 5 terabytes of system memory.
Now let’s speak about growth much of our Pro consumers require to include things like fiber channel audio dsps or SDI video to their.
So we’re bringing PCIe growth back to the Mac in a huge method.
[APPLAUSE] Because this brand-new Mac Pro has 8 internal PCIe slots.
There are 4 double large slots and 3 single large slots.
And there’s one extra half length slot that we occupy with an I/O card.
And this I/O card has 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports, 2 USB-A ports and an audio jack.
And there are likewise 2 more Thunderbolt 3 ports easily situated on the top of the system.
And lastly the Mac Pro has 2 integrated 10Gb Ethernet ports.
So among the most crucial locations of growth is graphics.
Graphics efficiency is so crucial for jobs like stimulating 3D movie properties or compositing 8K scenes, or structure complex 3D environments.
But we wished to exceed the normal graphics card style.
So we have actually developed something totally brand-new.
Now it begins with a market basic PCI port.
So the slot keeps compatibility with basic cards.
But we have actually included a 2nd port, that permits us to incorporate thunderbolt throughout the whole system and supply an incredible quantity of additional power.
In reality, at 500 watts, this module has the exact same power capability as the whole previous generation Mac Pro.
And rather of including it to a devoted fan, you have actually a big striking that’s is silently cool by the thermo macro system.
We call this the macro growth module or MPX for brief.
And utilizing this architecture,we’re gonna use several graphic alternatives.
Starting with the Radeon Pro 580 X, the fantastic [UNKNOWN] graphic card.
Prefer huge upgrade in graphics efficiency, the Mac Pro can be set up with AMD’s Radeon Pro Vega II.
And Vega II provides 14 teraflops of graphics calculate in 32 gigabytes of memory with an outrageous 1 terabyte per second of memory bandwidth.
But we didn’t stop there due to the fact that with the increased head space of the MPX module, we can in fact utilize
To Vega to GPUs, for double the teraflops, double the the memory and double the memory bandwidth.
This is rather just the world’s most effective graphics card.
Now these 2 GPUs are linked by the Infinity Fabric Link which permits information transfer in between them at 5 times much faster then the PCI Bus.
This is a truly huge offer for apps that are enhanced to make the most of several GPUs.
And, if all this wasn’t insane sufficient The macro can be set up with 2 of these modules.
Enabling as much as 56 teraflops and 128 gigabytes of high bandwidth memory.
This is an incredible quantity of graphics calculate in a single workstation.
Now we have actually likewise done something actually unique for video modifying.
One of the difficulties in dealing with high quality electronic cameras is the requirement to transform the native files into proxys for much easier modifying.
This is a time consuming and mistake vulnerable procedure.
Being able to work straight with the native formats would be a video game changer in these luxury workload.
So we constructed a brand name brand-new card that we call Afterburner, and it turns your Mac Pro into a beast of a video modifying maker.
Afterburner is a hardware accelerator card that’s constructed with an FPGA which is a programmable Air Conditioning and this Air Conditioning can processing 6 billion pixels per second.
[APPLAUSE] So with this customized option, we have actually attained an unmatched level of efficiency for the development in development.
ProRes rock codex.
The most effective workstations on the planet today battle to playback simply one stream of 8K video however with after burner, the brand-new macro can repeat an unbelievable 3 streams of 8K for a tank.
Or 12 streams of 4k this is ground breaking efficiency and in this we can lastly state great bye to proxy work for us.
Now ofcourse all of this calculate needs a huge quantity of power therefore we have actually provided every Mac pro a 1.4 Kilo Watt power supply.
And naturally, all that power needs a significantly capable cooling system.
So the Mac Pro has 3 huge fans and one big blower that together can produce as much as 300 cubic feet per minute of air circulation.
And it’s really peaceful.
In reality, when it’s under your desk in normal load conditions, it’s as peaceful as an iMac Pro.

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