Apple taken legal action against by iTunes consumers over declared information abuse


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iTunes users declare their information is being on-sold by Apple to 3rd parties.

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A suit submitted by 3 iTunes consumers claims Apple is sending out individual user information to 3rd parties to improve its profits. 

It is declared that Apple is offering, leasing or divulging complete names, addresses, categories of music and particular titles of tunes bought on the iTunes Store app on iPhones without permission or notice.

According to files submitted with the United States District Court for the Northern District of California on Friday, Apple does this “to supplement its revenues and enhance the formidability of its brand in the eyes of mobile application developers,” the claim declares.

“None of the information pertaining to the music you purchase on your iPhone stays on your iPhone,” the claim even more declares. “While Apple profits handsomely from its unauthorized sale, rental, transmission and/or disclosure of its customers’ Personal Listening Information, it does so at the expense of its customers’ privacy and statutory rights.”

First reported by Bloomberg, the complainants — Leigh Wheaton from Rhode Island, and Jill Paul and Trevor Paul from Michigan — declare 3rd parties then utilize this information to add a number of more classifications, consisting of age, gender, earnings, academic background and marital status.

This “enhanced” information is then apparently offered on to other 3rd parties, the claim states.

The complainants are representing other iTunes consumers in their particular states, looking for $250 for Rhode Island class-action members under the Video, Audio, And Publication Rentals Privacy Act and $5,000 for Michigan class-action members under the Preservation of Personal Privacy Act.

An preliminary case management conference is set for Aug. 27 at 9.30am PT, with the complainants requiring a trial by jury.

Apple didn’t right away react to an ask for remark.

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