Arnold Schwarzenegger Comments on “Difficult” Maria Shriver Divorce

Arnold Schwarzenegger Comments on “Difficult” Maria Shriver Divorce

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When it comes to his divorce, Arnold Schwarzenegger is eased there was no civilian casualties.

The Terminator star just recently provided insight into his split from Maria Shriver, who he was wed 2 for 25 years prior to news of his affair with household housemaid Mildred Patricia Baena hindered his relationship in 2011.

“[The divorce] was extremely, extremely hard in the start. Eventually, you carry on,” Schwarzenegger informed The Hollywood Reporter in a post released May16 “I have a terrific sweetheart, Heather Milligan, who is extremely effective.”

Milligan, a physiotherapist, isn’t the only leading woman of Schwarzenegger’s heart, as the previous California Governor stated that Shriver still has an unique location in his life. After all, the set invited 4 kids together–Katherine, 33, Christina, 31, Patrick, 29 and Christopher,25 As for Schwarzenegger and Baena, they are moms and dads to Joseph Baena, 25.