Ashley Park Reveals How Emily in Paris Helped Shape Her Style

Ashley Park Reveals How Emily in Paris Helped Shape Her Style

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It’s not simply for the screen, either. Mindy’s particular design expedition has actually provided Park more gratitude for the style world at-large.

“This show has inspired me to delve into the history and power of fashion and ateliers, as well as stabilize me in my own fashion sense, as Mindy does so well,” Ashley exposed. “It really is a dream come true.”

Park just recently partnered with the Starbucks Coffee Break- away project, which advises individuals to be more present with the one that matter many.

“A new study even found that three out of four people find it difficult to be present in their daily lives and are twice as likely to struggle to be present with their closest loved ones,” Park stated, “compared to more casual relationships, so it is a larger issue that we all need to be conscious of.”

When recording the program, Park made certain to have a few of her preferred pick-me-ups ready.

“I made sure to grab some Starbucks ready-to-drink Nitro Cold Brew before I flew to Paris to film,” she stated. “Starbucks is actually what I order from in Paris if I’m ever feeling homesick. And it’s one of the few places that I can get an iced coffee in Paris.”

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