At least 8 individuals dead after 2 boats capsize in California

    8 reported dead after 2 suspected smuggling boats crash at Black?s Beach in San Diego

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    The 2 pangas were apparently smuggling boats that crashed in California (Picture: OnScene Television)

    At least 8 individuals were eliminated after 2 boats capsized near Blacks Beach in California.

    The vessels were thought to be ‘smuggling boats’ according to the Los Angeles Times.

    The San Diego Fire-Rescue Department stated it reacted to a call at 11.30 pm last night at the beach in San DiegoCounty


    The 2 panga (skiff) boats were seen reversed in the water, it was reported.

    A female who is stated to have actually been on among the boats and stated she had actually taken a trip from Mexico, called 911 to report that a person of the boats had actually reversed, it was reported.

    Police officer Sarah Foster stated the female informed dispatchers 9 or 10 individuals may be in the water from the boat that capsized.

    According to the caller, 8 individuals taking a trip on the boat she was on had actually made it to coast, Foster stated.

    The two pangas were reportedly smuggling boats that crashed in California (Picture: ONSCENE TV)

    The occurrence taken place near Blacks Beach on the west coast (Picture: Bloomberg through Getty Images)

    Police and lifeguards reacted and Border Patrol was alerted of the call, she stated.

    Two helicopters were sent out up to look for victims, however SDFD stated conditions were too foggy.

    Daniel Eddy, San Diego Fire-Rescue’s Deputy Chief of Operations informed OnScene television: ‘We couldn’ t get any helicopters up.

    ‘We had boats in the water, however initially light, as soon as all the conditions clear, we will have Coast Guard out here and San Diego Fire-Rescue and lifeguards doing a joint explore the water for any possible victims that are left.

    ‘We tried to launch helicopters both from San Diego Fire and Coast Guard but due to the conditions, they couldn’ t get up.

    ‘Coast Guard lastly got up with their copter however due to the conditions of the fog in the location it was tough for their [forward-looking thermal imaging cameras] to get across see anything in the water.

    ‘We are hoping at first light we will have better conditions to get everybody out there.’

    ABC News reporter Alex Stone reported that ‘bodies [were] discovered drifting in the water when rescue groups got here’, including that a search operation for more possible victims is continuous.

    The very first lifeguards on the scene discovered 7 departed bodies, and an extra body was discovered by CBP Air and Marine Operations officers, the fire department informed ABC

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